I have to move my blog back to Blogger. I’m just not able to be as creative with WordPress… I’m not computer language savvy enough (although I’m very excited I was just able to use “savvy”).

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP come visit me at my new blog! Because I really love you all!

I’ll still visit you even if you don’t visit me, I promise.



Sports Princess recently inquired about my absence. I assure you everything is fine, except for maybe my imagination, which would explain the lack of posts.

My job is going good. Great, actually! See, my whole class full of trainees was on “audits”, meaning that the super nice people at Quality Assurance had to look at every little thing we did. Well, seems I somehow figured out what the hell I was doing and I am now off audits (I think I’m the 3rd person in my class to be off). This means I can start working overtime! Most people don’t want to work overtime, but I feel like I should take advantage of it, because once everything is all caught up they won’t have it… and that extra cash isn’t hurting. Anyway, as predicted in earlier posts I am indeed a rockstar.

So, I’ve been busy with work, and I guess not much else lately. God, I’m boring. This past weekend I worked the cat adoption fair, and we had 2 adoptions! One of the kitties that got adopted really reminded me of Bogey. It was bittersweet.

WordPress has changed some things, and I need to figure it all out. I think I’ve actually attempted a few posts, but got scared. Who even knows if this will post. I’m frightened… hold me.

Anyway, I’ll try to get back to posting more often. Everything really is fine with me, and what isn’t fine I don’t really think you want to read about anyway. I’ve always intended this blog to be at least mildly amusing, and sometimes I’ve been feeling rather low lately. Rest assured the low feelings pass… I’m just doing lots of thinking and sorting, and figuring things out. This new, single life in Wisconsin still feels kind of funny sometimes.

More crying..


As the tears come more and more quickly, rolling down my face and taking my mascara with it (to give me that really sexy goth/panda/raccoon look) I can’t help but wonder…

Why the hell did I sign up to bring the damn onions for “Sub day” tomorrow at work???



Oh Lordy. I’m having a very lovely visit from the guy “Murphy”, and his stupid laws… if ya know what I mean.

So me, being the blonde that I am (no offense to other blondes) was pulling out of my garage a few weeks ago, not paying enough attention, and broke the drivers side mirror off. There it dangled, still attached by the cables that made it “power” rather than manual. I looked around online and found a mirror for $50 bucks. I called the dealership and they told me they could install a new one for around $200. Um… let me think… no.

Murphy rears his ugly head… 1. Fast forward to this past week. It was coming down to the wire, because I was going to be taking my son, Mike, to Michigan for Spring Break. He said he would like to take a crack at replacing the mirror. I never did buy the replacement, but we did some brainstorming and got creative and came up with a plan. I now have the ghetto-est looking side mirror ever (until I do finally buy a replacement). It involves duct tape and rope, but it stayed on with no problem the entire way to and from Michigan.

Murphy rears his ugly head… 2. Thursday evening Mike and I returned from buying mirror supplies. He opened my garage door (no, it’s not electric), and I saw him kinda stop and look at it, then continued opening it. He then made his way inside. I pulled my car into the garage, got out and went to close the garage door. It SLAMMED down. I tried opening it…. wasn’t happening. Oh… my… GOD! How am I going to get to work? How am I going to get my car out??? I went inside and told Mike it wouldn’t open. He said he heard a snap when he was opening it. He went down to see if he could open it (because I’m totally weak). He got it open, and upon further inspection discovered that a huge rusty spring was broken.

That’s great. Now not only am I still dealing with the whole buzzer invoice deal (which they’ve offered to pay half of, but I’m still not buying it), but I have to tell my property managers that the garage door is broken now. Which, considering what total assholes they are, will end up being my fault no matter what the problem is (you know it and I know it). UGH! But, at least I got my car out.

Murphy rears his ugly head… 3. As I’m happily driving Mike and I through Chicago on our way to Michigan, my car begins to “buck” and act like it wants to stall, but doesn’t. “We need to pull over… I need gas soon anyway” I say. “I think we should keep going” Mike says. “Um, it’s a much better idea to have my car die at a gas station than in the middle of the freeway in Chicago.” I win. I get gas, and it starts back up again (oh, and the very informative “service engine soon” light has been on). We make it to Michigan.

On Easter Sunday I leave Michigan to return home. Mike is staying for the week. My car is pretty much bucking the entire way home, and will even flash “SERVICE ENGINE SOON” at me from time to time. I plead and bargin with my car to just get me home and I promise I’ll get it in as soon as I can this week!

2 Easter miracles… Jesus was risen, and Amy’s car made it home. I take it in on Tuesday, and I’ve already called the hospital to amputate my limbs so I can pay for it (whatever is wrong with it). But, I’m taking it to a place where my mom has been, and she said they treated her very fairly.

So… anybody have room for Murphy? I’m kicking his ass OUT!

I haven’t heard back from the property management company. I could’ve called them this week, but the entire week was very mentally exhausting, so I’ll just do it next week. I’ll be sure to let you all know the outcome.

In the mean time… SPRING IS FINALLY COMING! Things are melting, and everything looks so different! I guess that’s what happens when you move to Wisconsin in the middle of winter. I’m so glad for the sunshine, and even the people are nicer (except for the dirty pirate hooker property management ho’s).

Aside from seeing grass, other signs of spring I have seen have been roadkill and homeless people.

Today I’m working the cat adoption fair. Hopefully we’ll have a few adoptions. I know a couple of the cats have been in foster care for over a year 😦 . Mostly because they just aren’t very playful at the fairs (they’re usually just so scared). It’s hard for people to really see what kind of personality the cat has in the fair environment. But, it’s still a good way to get the cats out in public and to spread awareness about the organization. Tonight we are having a fundraiser at a local bar. Hopefully that will raise money and awareness, too!

Anyway, blah blah… have a good weekend!!

about my property management company… if you can call it management.

So, you know the story about the cat already. I’m still bitter about that, but whatever.

Now they are charging me $99.42 for … nothing.

See, the same day that I called about my cat, I also called to tell them that the buzzer wasn’t working for my apartment (my building has one of those intercom systems). They told me they might have someone in the area and would see if someone could stop by. I wasn’t home, but had no problem with someone entering my apartment or whatever.

I got home from work that evening and checked to see if it was working, and it was.

2 days later was a snow day, and I stayed home from work. A guy came and buzzed my apartment to say he was there to fix it. I told him it was working, I thought someone had already been by to fix it. He sprayed some lube and was on his merry way.

A month later now I get this invoice. Supposedly they contracted this job out, and here is what the mainenance request form says… “Tenant did not notify office that buzzer was working. J & K made the trip for nothing.”
The invoice says “Tenant called & said door buzzer is not working. J & K was called & made trip. Buzzer was working.”

The property management company says someone from this J & K place called and set up the time to come over. I never even knew they contracted this out, or knew of a company called J & K… they did not speak to me. And, I didn’t have any messages from them or anything. And why the hell would I set up an appointment for a day that I was supposed to be working???????

They are supposed to be calling J & K to see who they talked to. But, I have a feeling this won’t come out in my favor. I can’t wait to move.

So, I started training for my new job 2 weeks ago. I almost couldn’t remember that, because my brain is so jumbled up with stuff I can barely remember my name.

It’s all so confusing! Mostly because they just have no real way of training right now. It’s like they decided “lets have a training class” and brought a bunch of people in but had no clue what they were going to train. It’s a “train” wreck (get it? I’m still a little sharp! Ok, so it was lame… sorry). It’s clear what our job is supposed to be, and there is sort of a manual for it… but then there are all kinds of exceptions. And it seems like we just keep running into all the exceptions and have never really been shown what we are actually supposed to do.

People keep saying it will get much easier once we are actually doing the job. I believe this, but in the mean time all this irrelevant crap is making me want to cry.

That, and the fact that I’ve got a cold. It was already super-hard to stay awake in this damn class, but now I have no idea how I’m supposed to accomplish that.

The dress code for this company is “business casual”, but they have “casual” days all the time. The entire month of Feb. was casual because of the bad weather. I guess they will give any excuse for a casual day, which is fine with me. But, some people take it too far and show up in their fucking pajamas… and I’m not even kidding.

On another note… did you know Wisconsin has grass? I’ve barely seen any since I’ve been here, but things are finally starting to melt around here! I still like the snow, but I’ll be glad when it’s warmer and nicer. I’ll be glad for Spring rain, and budding flowers and leaves, and Robins… and kitten season for the cat adoption fair!!

I really missed the changing seasons while living in California… it was just nice or rainy there. Cold, snowy winters really make you appreciate the warm sunny days much more. And California only had rain… not thunderstorms. Well, occasionally… maybe a little bit of thunder once a year… but I really like thunderstorms, and lightning! I’ll be excited for that, too! (Sure, I say that now, but I may change my tune when I have to worry about tornados… or tornadoes).

Anyway, just thought I’d update you all!

These suck…



Or, perhaps, blow.

But, in fact, they don’t blow, which is one of the reasons they suck.

I’m a Blow Pop lover myself. The cherry ones especially were a staple of my breakfast every morning in high school. Only 10 cents at the PDQ on the way to school.

So, imagine the sheer glee I felt today when I spotted this bag of Blow Pop Minis. “Awesome!” I thought. “I’ll just eat the cherry ones and leave the rest for my kids.”

But, you eat one, and then you have this tiny… un-gum thing in your mouth that isn’t even big enough to chew. So you pop another one in your mouth, and it gets all mixed up with the un-gum, and then you just have a chewy candy, and you forget it’s supposed to also be gum and you swallow it.

I know what you men are thinking… “how can something with so much sucking and blowing and swallowing be bad?” But trust me… they are awful.

Jen asked me recently about getting a Wisconsin version of Bogey. I already started working on that.

When my mom was looking for an apartment for me, she asked if it would be a deal breaker if pets weren’t allowed. I stressed that I really wanted to have a cat again, but ultimately I just needed a decent place to live. My mom was a very busy woman, and work, bad weather and her doing her own move made it difficult to look for apartments for me, but she found this one (which is great). When I filled out the application it was understood that pets were not allowed. Oh well, I thought, I’ll stay here for the year long lease and then find pet friendly housing.

When I went to sign my lease, the chick who went over everything and explained it all to me stopped at the pet clause and explained the pet restrictions. I told her I didn’t have a pet. She said if I ever wanted to get one that my rent would increase and I would also have to pay an additional amount toward my security deposit. This sounded groovy to me! I mentioned wanting a cat. She explained about feline restrictions and said whenever I found one to let them know. I was so excited!

A few weeks ago I found the perfect cat on craigslist. He’s just a few years old, neutered and declawed (restrictions), and FREE. His owner needs to find him a new home because he doesn’t get along with the other cats she has. One day my kids and I went to meet him, and fell in love. We were so excited to bring home a new family member! I was going to bring home “Patches” two weeks later, after I had done all the paperwork and when I would be starting my new job that had better hours.

The next day I called the property management company. I told them I found a cat, and asked what they needed me to do. They told me I live in a “no pet” building.

WHAT??? But when I signed my lease the lady told me I could have a pet! I didn’t even ask, she just volunteered the information.

She’s been fired since then.

I spent all of my time and energy over the next few days trying to make my case about being a responsible pet owner… to please reconsider… that this wasn’t fair, because their representative told me I could have a pet and I wouldn’t have even looked if she didn’t tell me that. No luck… they wouldn’t budge. I asked them to send a letter that I wrote to the owner of the building, but I don’t think they did. They offered me a few different units that they had that did accept pets, but they were either in a different school district or somewhere I couldn’t afford.

My kids took the news just fine (better than I did), and our plan is still to move when our lease is up and then get a cat.

In the mean time I’ve started volunteering with Friends of Ferals… a great organization that deals with feral cats. They trap them, then neuter or spay them, adopting out the ones that can be tame and social, and trying to place feral ones with people that can take care of them (barns, farms, etc…). Sometimes they do just release them back to where they were found, or somewhere else. Saturday I did an adoption fair, and got my kitty fix. One of the kittens got adopted, too… so that was nice! Mostly all the cats were scared. Maybe I’ll get involved with the organization in other ways, but this was a good first step.

So, there is your long ass answer to my kitty problems. I hope these months go quickly and that I have no problem finding a good place that will accept pets!


Last night was a great evening for my kids and I.

Mike (who will be 15 next weekend… holy shit!) had an assignment to interview someone about the JFK assasination. So, I asked my mom if she wouldn’t mind, and of course she didn’t.

I took the boys over to her house, and Mike proceeded to interview her and my aunt. He asked the typical questions… “Where were you when you found out?”… “How did you feel?”… “How did it affect your family?”, etc..

Turns out my mom was skipping school getting her hair done that day. I’m sure he’s going to be the only kid in his class that can say his grandma was skipping school. Mom said that she went straight to school after her hair was done, because it was the type of event where you just wanted to be with other people.

My mom found one of my grandmas old records. It was a recording of some of JFK’s speeches. Mike looked at it and was like “Wow, I’ve never seen or held one of these before.” Shane didn’t realize it was a recording of his speeches, and asked why there was a soundtrack for the JFK assasination. We all cracked up. Then mom told me she had found some of my old records… including a Smurfs album, a Strawberry Shortcake album, and The Bay City Rollers.

We listened to the Smurfs, and continued discussing the JFK assasination. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time that those two things have happened at the same time.

My uncle returned home from some hockey games and took us all out for some ribs at a great, old place called Fat Jacks.

The kids really enjoyed talking to my mom and aunt and hearing about their lives. Mike thinks he has the coolest grandma EVER. I’m so glad they have the opportunity to get to know them 🙂

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