Some reasons why I love my camera phone


1. I can take awesome pictures of my children’s brilliant creations wherever inspiration strikes them…

2. I can take pictures at the store of dumb ideas and share it with you all. Like this Batman backpack, for example, with a bonus super hero cape!!! Tell me the kid that wears this isn’t gonna get his ass kicked on a daily basis at the bus stop.


3. I can whip out my handy dandy camera phone at the strip club and take pictures of the vending machine. Notice how you have your average vending machine goodies like Starburst or Hershey’s. But, at the strip club they also include important stripper items like false eyelashes and Safety Sole Pads. I was sooooo happy to have a camera phone in this instance! I know, I know… you’re all thinking “Amy, why the hell did you take a picture of the vending machine and not the STRIPPERS????”. Because you can find pictures of naked chicks all over the internet people.. but this is gold*.

*maybe normal… still photo-worthy to me : )


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