Things that irritate me


Hello everyone! I’m still having to come to the library to do my blogging, or anything that requires a computer or the internet. But, things are shaping up nicely at my new crib (yup, I just used the word crib… I’m sooo in the loop), and I think I’ll probably have my own computer back up and running in the next week or so. I will be so happy!!

Ok, so here are some things that really irk me.

1. Home Depot’s little slogan is “You can do it… we can help”. Seems to me what it should be is something more like this: “You can do it… we can help (by walking around the store trying to find another employee that can do it because I’m just working here for the summer and have no clue what I’m doing)

2. People that don’t use their turn signals. I’m pretty sure you won’t injure your delicate fucking wrist if you just reach down and flick the little sticky-thing that turns on your turn signal. I think there is a much better chance of something being injured when I ram my car into your cars ass because I don’t know you’re going to be turning and/or changing lanes.

3. People that drive the wrong way in parking lots. If you can’t see the HUGE ARROW pointing the way you are supposed to be driving… or that the cars are all parked in NOT THE DIRECTION YOU ARE DRIVING, then you just shouldn’t be driving. I should be allowed to revoke your license.

So, next week “the mash” should be back up and running full time, with pictures and sarcasm and everything! Hooray!

Just try to cope until then. Everything will be alright as long as you don’t drive or go to Home Depot… I think.


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