I think I’m getting old…


I’m 32 years old. That really isn’t old at all. And, hell, sometimes I feel more like there’s a 13 year old trapped inside my body.

For instance, I LOVE to watch teen type TV shows, like Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon. They are so stupid and cheesy, but I love them, and I love them even more when I watch them with my kids.

But there are definitely some things that make me feel old.

The first time I knew I was getting old was when I was actually 19. The place where I worked had rotary phones, and someones daughter had never seen a rotary phone and thought it was so cool.

The next time I knew I was getting old was in my mid 20’s. I officially started thinking teenagers were punks. I would see them walking down the street, or in the mall or whatever, and I could no longer identify with them at all. Like, when in the hell did girls decide to wear freaking dance club attire to the mall? When was it EVER practical to wear heels to walk around… anywhere? And they always looked and acted like they were hot shit, and they irritated me. I was never like that (ha ha).

Just recently a couple of other events have made me feel old. Like, since we’ve moved to our house I’ve become totally engrossed in feeding and watching our backyard birds. There are a couple of jays that come around, and I love leaving peanuts for them and watching them hide them and fight over them and stuff. And I become freaking orgasmic if one of them decides to drink or bathe in my bird bath.

The other event… I was driving and noticed some blood on my arm. I had scratched my arm, and was now bleeding, and I had no idea how this happened. I remember that happening to my grandparents all the time. Blood just dripping down their arms or whatever… a wound that you think would’ve hurt like hell, but they have no idea how it got there.

See? Old.


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