For Better or for Worse


There are 2 comic strips that I read pretty regularly… Luann and For Better or for Worse.

Most of you are probably snickering and laughing at me right now, and that’s ok, I understand these are kind of lame. I also enjoy Get Fuzzy every once in a while, and really should probably indulge in that little nugget more often, because it really is cooler than the aforementioned strips.

Anyway, the site where I read For Better or for Worse has started doing something that is totally freaking me out. They have sort of animated the pictures. Like, the people blink and stuff. The first time I saw this I thought I was losing my mind. I actually had to have one of my sons come over and look at it for me to confirm that this was actually happening.

This is not ok. Comic strip characters should not blink. Make it stop. Seriously. Click here to be whisked away to todays strip and freak yourself out. And then come back and tell me it isn’t freaky… just try.


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