Don’t Blog


On my personalized Google page one of the things on my layout is the “How To of the Day”. It’s by E-How, or Wiki-How.

Today one of the How To’s of the Day is titled How to Dissuade Yourself from Becoming a Blogger. Upon reading it I learned that I have no life or friends, that blogging will come back and bite me in the ass when I try to get a job, and that no one will read my blog (I already knew that part… but I have imaginary blogger friends anyway, and they read it so it doesn’t matter. Right?).

Here is one of the very helpful tips that they offer:
If attention and validation is what you’re looking for, know that you will get neither from blogging. As above, very few people will ever know that your blog (or you, by proxy) exists. Of those who do find it, a large percentage will be flamers and trolls, who will only post comments to you about how you suck. The remainder of comments posted to your blog will be sappy treacle, which you won’t trust as being sincere anyway.

I urge ALL of my imaginary readers to partake of this information. It is crucial. Click here for this wisdom. And please, all flamers and trolls, feel free to leave sappy insincere comments.

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