Boston- day 1


So, after a couple of pretty smooth flights I arrived in Boston. The airport is old. I got a text message from my friend that she was running late, so I should get a beer or something and wait for her. Well, first I had to find baggage claim and such. And… get a beer?? I just pictured an airport lounge, and some lonely traveler hitting on me or something.

By the time I got my suitcase it really wasn’t much longer before she arrived anyway. We drove through Boston, with her pointing out this building and that building, and telling me about the “Big Dig”, and how some woman died recently as one of the panels fell from the ceiling of one of the tunnels…. as we were driving through a tunnel… and we finally arrived at her apartment. She changed out of her work attire (she’s a lawyer… shocking) and walked to a small Italian restaraunt a couple of blocks from her apartment. I was so excited when the waitress described something we ordered as “wicked awesome“!

When we went back to her apartment the rest of the night was spent sort-of watching Grey’s Anatomy. See… she has the most freakin’ ghetto-ass TV set up I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t have cable, and the channel came in a bit fuzzy, and the sound came in a lot fuzzy. So we tuned this little emergency TV thing in to the channel and listened to it on there while we watched it on the larger TV.


Aside from that we looked through old yearbooks and pictures, and just caught up. It’s always so great to see her, because even after not visiting for 4 years it feels like we’ve never been apart : )

Then I tried to sleep in her living room… but Boston is not a quiet city. The train station was right across from her building, and they powerwashed the sidewalk there. Plus, there was this big, bright weather-tower-light thing that lit up the whole universe. Sleep did not happen.

I know, you’re dying to hear about day 2. Be patient my blogging friends…


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