Boston Day- 3


*Here it finally is, people… day 3. I had to use photobucket to put up the pictures, because Blogger just doesn’t understand that you people need pictures. So, will you all please stop bitching at me now??*

So, this is Saturday. Rebecca actually didn’t have to work or anything this day! Well, that’s kind of a lie, but we’ll get to that later.

This is the day we were planning on walking around Boston, seeing all the cool historic things.

It rained.

So, Rebecca suggested we do a Duck tour. This was so fun! For those who don’t know, a “Duck” is some amphibious vehichle from WWII, and they’ve painted them all kinds of crazy colors. It drives around Boston, and then it goes into the Charles River. I got to drive it while it was in the water…. and I got a sticker!!! Whoo-hoo!

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After that it was pretty much done raining. We did get to do some walking around Boston, and I really wanted to see some of the old graveyards. I got pictures of Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Mother Goose… along with several other people I didn’t know just because I liked how cool their headstones looked. Is that wrong? It amazed me that some of these things were there before our country was even a country!

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I saw Paul Revere’s statue, and house, and the Old North Church… but didn’t tour anything. Also (just for you Doctor Mom) I got a picture of the “Cheers” flag, but didn’t go in. I bet they wouldn’t have known my name.

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Then it was time to go to church. Yep… church. Rebecca sings at a Catholic mass. Actually, she sings at several, and was able to get out of only a few. She sang at 2 masses on Saturday evening, but I only attended one, because I didn’t want the church to burst into flames because I was in it.

After that we went out with some of her church buddies, Terry, Elizabeth, and Francisca, who is from somewhere in Indonesia and has the coolest accent (I met lots of people with accents.. I’ve led such a sheltered life). We went out for Thai food, which was new to me, but I enjoyed it and would have it again!

Later we went out for cocktails, and… did I mention we walked everywhere? I will remember the walking part for the next time I go and pack appropriate shoes. I did not expect to be walking so much this evening, and my dogs were barkin’!! But, cocktails were fun as always 🙂

Again, the party animals that we are, we returned home at a reasonable hour and tried to watch “The Pirate Movie” (one of our all time favorites), but fell asleep before it was even halfway done. Oh well.

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I promise it won’t take me as long to post about day 4, the final day in Boston. So, please come back. It was all Bloggers fault, not mine. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.


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