Pizza peeve


Here in California, and I think in a few of the other western states, there is a restaurant called Round Table Pizza. The pizza is pretty good. They have specialty pizzas with appropriate names like Montagues All Meat Marvel, or Guinevere’s Garden Delight, or the King Arthur Supreme (actually I think that is all the appropriate names).

My boyfriend grew up in these parts, and tells me that he and his friends frequented Round Table all the time, and it used to have the “Round Table” feel… like Camelot stuff and decorations and whatever.

Today it is just a lame restaurant. Regular tables and chairs. People dressed in a baseball hat and polo shirt and black pants.

I think the restaurants should have suits of armor, and swords and shields, and the employees should be dressed in medieval garb… maybe it should be similar to the Ren Fair or something. “And what toppings would you like on your pizza, m’lady?” The tables should be big, chunky, wooden round tables (I’m a genius) with benches.

I mean, Chuck E. Cheese should not be the only fun pizza place (and I use the words pizza and fun loosely).

Step up to the table, or change your name, Round Table Pizza!!

One Response to “Pizza peeve”

  1. 1 cait

    oh yes.. would they have jousting tournaments like the restaurant in garden state?

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