Freak, Flip, Frak….


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I’ve started watching Battlestar Galactica with my boyfriend. It’s a pretty good show, I think. I remember watching the original series when I was very young. And, my boyfriend and I watched the premier of this series a couple of years ago, but never got into the series.

The one main issue I have with the show is the use of the word “frak”. They use it to replace “fuck”. It sounds ridiculous. “Frak that!”, “You’re out of your fraking mind!!”, “What the frak?”, “That’s fraked up.” … and they use it a lot. I really would just prefer that they just eliminate it. If you can’t swear right (for whatever reason), then don’t swear at all. Fuck.

So, I realize that I use the word “freaking” a lot. I don’t think it sounds nearly as retarded as “frak”, and I also only use it to replace “fucking”, not “fuck” or “fucked”, because I think that would sound kinda dumb. But… I think that I should just commit to “fucking” (the word, perverts) instead of “freaking”. I should take my own advice, and if I can’t swear right then I shouldn’t swear at all.


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