Halloween Part-ay!!

Friday night I went to a Halloween Party. I went as a blue fairy girl thing… with a black and blue wig, false eyelashes, a dress that kept riding up all fucking night, and wings that lasted a whole 10 minutes before I took them off because I was certain to put somebody’s damn eye out. My boyfriend went as a very convincing Batman (he really looked awesome). Lots of people wanted their picture taken with Batman 🙂 However, I have no pictures at the moment.

Anyway, we hung around with some friends for most of the night. Gurminder was a cheerleader, her boyfriend Kurt was Flavor Flav, and his friend Eric was Ron Burgundy… they looked great!

Batman and I decided to take up a friendly game of pool with Flavor and Ron. We were getting our asses kicked when suddenly this drunk asshole dressed up as NO ONE felt the need to lay down on the pool table and mess up all the balls. The host came and retrieved his friend, took him upstairs and placed him in another guys room to take embarrassing photos and such (yeah, great idea… don’t call a cab and send the fucker home or anything). The drunk asshole ended up puking numerous times on sheets and mattresses and photo albums, and my friend Tammy ended up babysitting naked-drunk-puking-asshole. What a lovely way to spend the evening.

After the pool incident we made attempts at mingling, but there seemed to be lots of cliques and it was pretty loud. We did some dancing, and I talked with a very sweet but very tipsy friend of a friend of a friend. She kept telling me how great I looked and how she loved fairies, and all about her tattoo and how she wanted to add to it… and how she and her boyfriend were having a pumpking carving contest… she was quite talkative.

There were several girls dressed as anything that would show the most skin. Some looked hot, some looked like they should have reconsidered their choice, some looked like they needed a sandwich.

We had fun, but I kinda felt “too old for this shit”.

Sorry, this post was kinda all over the place… I’m out of practice. But, here is the good news…. I’M USING MY COMPUTER!!! So, hopefully I can get back into my blogging groove now.

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