Ask for Pabst…


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This advertisement is from 1897, according to the website I found it at. I’m too blind to read some of the smaller print, but I found the rest of it fascinating:

“There are times when the brain draws so upon our vitality that we cannot digest our food, we can get no strength from what we eat. If we let this go on, we sow the seeds of weakness which will blossom in disease.”

“If you are a brain worker, a woman with household worries and cares, or if you need physical strength to fight the battles of life, act at once.”

So… you NEED beer. It will give you the strength to fight the battles of life. If you don’t drink beer, you will be sowing the seeds of weakness. And you will just not be able to digest your food because your brain can’t handle that task without beer. Or “Pabst” anyway…. the malt extract miracle tonic.

I love how urgent it sounds… ACT AT ONCE!

So, if you didn’t have a good enough reason to drink beer before, you have one now. I mean, it’s like the forefathers of beer are speaking to us, or… something.

No reason to thank me.

*by the way, I’ve never had Pabst.


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