I had to go to the hardware store yesterday. My boyfriend needed some extension cords for doing the lights around our house for Christmas. He needed one that was 50 ft. and one that was 100 ft. I had some other errands to do, so I offered to get the cords.

As I entered the hardware store I was transported back in time to the 1950’s or some shit.

I knew exactly where the extension cords were, since we had just been in the store 2 times in the last 2 days. I picked up the 50 footer and saw the 100 ft one right below it. I looked around a little at some of the other cords to make sure these were the right ones. A man that worked there saw me.

Man– “Are you finding everything okay?”

Me– “Yes, thank you.”

Man– “You should’ve gotten a cart.”

Here are my thoughts…

Why? Why the hell would I need a cart for 2 extension cords? Is it because I’m a girl, so naturally 2 extension cords would be too heavy for my dainty, weak ass to carry??? And, at this point I was only holding 1!
No, sir… I believe YOU should’ve gotten a force field to protect you when I kick you in the balls.

Me– “Nah, this is all I’m getting.”

I grabbed the 100 ft extension cord, paid, left the store and returned to the 21st fucking century.


4 Responses to “Hardware”

  1. 1 Coffeypot

    You should have gotten the cart. You could have used it to move him up to the counter when you kicked him in the balls. Women, geeeezzzze!

  2. 2 Amy

    Or… I could’ve kicked him then run him over.

  3. 3 Teri

    I like Amy’s idea better.

    I like the little mom & pop hardware stores, very quaint.

  4. 4 Nobody

    I was thinking the same thing Amy, run his stupid ass over with the cart.

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