Totally Random Shit


First let me say that American Movie was…. odd. It’s like Pixie said “you don’t know whether to laugh at the guy or feel sorry for him”. There were definitely some parts that cracked me up. I loved when his friend won $50.00 in the lottery and was too paranoid to tell anyone. And when Mark told Uncle Bill his toenail should be a science project. Eww. And yeah, now I can’t look at the word “Coven” and imagine it pronounced like “oven” even though that is the correct pronunciation.

It was interesting to see the struggles of a film maker, though. I’m pretty oblivious to that kind of thing. I just watch the movies, and oooh and aahhh about special effects, or acting…. I don’t think about behind the scenes stuff much. And I really should try to appreciate that kind of thing more.


I’m having Alphabet Soup for lunch today. And, to all those people who think condensed soup isn’t for grown ups…. fuck you. That is what I’m spelling in my Alphabet Soup.


Tonights movie will be Sideways. All I know is it involves wine. I live very close to Napa Valley, and do you want to know what I know about wine??

Not a goddamn thing.

Oh, except it makes me tipsy. And that I like White Reisling and Pinot Noir, and not Merlot. And the bottles are pretty.


Dear Britney Spears-

Hey girl, how’s it going? I see in the news that you’re divorcing K-Fed…. that is awesome… good move, he was no good for you.

But Brit…I’m concerned for you. You’re young, and you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, and I think it could probably be a good life if you follow my advice.

Drop out of sight. Completely. Take your babies, your cooch, and your gum and retreat back to Louisiana for a while. Raise your boys out of the spotlight. Do yoga. Pick a haircolor. Hire someone who will tell you not to fucking chew gum during an interview. Surround yourself with good people (hint: Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan are not “good people”). Visit Victoria’s Secret… they can hook you up with lovely undergarments. See a gynecologist, because you may have caught something from K-Fed… or a bar stool… or the air surrounding Paris Hilton.

Maybe after that you can make a comeback, but let’s not hold our breath.




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