Totally Random Shit, Part Deux


Oh gosh, where to begin…

I am very scatterbrained today for some reason, so I’m sure this post will be too. But, what else is new?

Inquiring minds want to know… “Amy, what did you think of Sideways?” Well… I don’t know. I started watching it a few nights ago, but I already had stayed up waaayyy too late, so I turned it off halfway through and went to bed. I haven’t finished watching it. I did think Sandra Oh was smokin’ hot, though.

In fact, my movie watching plans have gone out the window, it seems. Hopefully I’ll still be able to get the Godfathers in this week. Life has just gotten in the way.


I found my glasses. They were not in the fridge or on my head. Jen gave them back to me, then I misplaced them on a pile of laundry before finding them again. Thanks to everyone who joined me in the nationwide search to find them. Whew.


I have a sore on my tongue. You know, just one of those annoying little sores. But I keep running it across my teeth like a dumbass and it hurts. I can’t help it, though.

When I was little my mom called them “Liar’s sores”, like I got them from lieing. But, I was a complete angel who never lied, so that can’t be the reason. And I haven’t lied lately (I feel another sore coming on…)

Another reason my mom came up with for the sores was eating things off the ground. Now, I’m serious.. I DID NOT DO THAT.

Has anyone been to the bank lately? Today I went to a new branch, and it was weird. They didn’t have bank tellers. I mean, they did, but I had to talk to a TV bank teller. The bank teller was inside the TV.

Ok… she was somewhere else in the building. It was just bizarre. I had to send my transaction in a tube like when you go to the drive thru. I wonder what would happen if I had a bunch of coins? Would I actually get to see the live, human version of the teller then? Or would some robot come to take my coins to the teller?

I encourage all of you to send me money for me to convert into tons of coins so I can research this. I cannot guarantee you will get your money back, though.

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