Jen tagged me to tell you all 5 things you don’t know about me.
1. I’ve never been outside of the United States. Not even to Hawaii or Alaska. Someday I would love to visit faraway places, though. I just haven’t had the means yet.

2. In 5th grade I won a Halloween costume contest. I went as Dolly Parton. My mom had a wig like hers for some reason, so I wore that, bright red lipstick, and I super-stuffed a bra.

3. November 2001 my apartment burned. Everyone made it out safely. However, many plastic toys and beanie babies in my kids’ room did not survive the fire. (Started in the kids room by a halogen lamp). Actually, nothing in their room survived. Luckily the complex had a unit exactly like ours available for us to move into, and the Red Cross was wonderful. We also got lots of help from some of the kids’ classmates, donating clothes and dishes and stuff. It was a horrible thing to happen, but it also was one of those things that restores your faith in humanity.

4. I do not know a single one of my blogging friends in real life.

5. One of my hobbies is making soap. Not the melt and pour stuff you get at the craft store, either. I use oils and lye and measurements… I feel like a mad scientist… it’s cool. I use it myself and I give it as gifts sometimes. I’ve thought about selling it, but I feel like it might not be fun anymore if I did that.
I’m not sure I can tag anyone that hasn’t already been tagged by this one… but, by all means do it if you so desire. I love finding out new things about people!

7 Responses to “Tagged”

  1. 1 dirty

    I don’t know any of my blogging friends in real life either. Maybe you could come over and teach me how to make soap…then we could watch movies and drink Pepsi…good times.

  2. 2 Amy

    That sounds like my kind of day, dirty… it’s a date!

  3. 3 Anonymous

    Jen said:
    You guys can watch
    movies at my house
    I got the new 65″ 1080I Hdtv

    if you don’t mind the
    3000 mile drive
    that is..

    Amy – I think you should post a picture of the Halloween costume
    do you have one??

  4. 4 Amy

    Jen- I don’t have one handy. I think my mom has some, but she’s closer to you than she is to me…lol!

  5. 5 Mrs Nobody

    I think you should post how to make this soap – my mom used to have homemade soap with lye in it – and worked awesome on getting grass stains out of clothes…

  6. 6 Scarlet

    Do a post about soap making please. One that smells very strongly of citrus….love that smell.

    ***cough cough** It’s ummmm for…umm.. Batgirl, yeah. Batgirl not me.

  7. 7 dirty

    I’m totally coming over Jen…

    …I want to steal your TV…

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