Amy’s Roller Skating History… as told by Amy.


A few things have happened lately reminding me of something I used to love, but have kind of forgotten about. Roller Skating.

I found Princess Mombi through Dirty. In a comment to Dirty, Princess Mombi mentioned roller skating. I then visited her blog and found more mentions of roller skating.

Last night I was watching That 70’s Show, and it involved Eric doing roller disco.

Here is Amy’s Roller Skating History.

When I was very young, like 3 or 4, I remember wanting to roller skate. My older step sister skated, and I of course wanted to be just like her (thank GOD I’m not). My parents bought me those lame Fisher Price “My First Skates” things, that basically made you walk really carefully. I can remember my parents taking my step sister and her friends to the roller rink, and I wanted to go sooo bad, but I was just a dumb little sister who didn’t even know how to skate anyway. Phooey.

A couple years later my grandma bought me my first pair of real skates. They were blue with yellow stripes, and they looked more like sneakers with wheels than skates, but they worked the right way and I was happy. I’m sure there was lots of falling and skinned knees to begin with, but I got the hang of it and many, many, MANY after-school afternoons and weekends were spent roller skating with my friends. Sometimes we even got to go to the rink (ooooh… aahhhh).

I remember lots of elementary and middle school field trips were to the rink. The rinks in our area were Skateland (which closed soon after I started skating), Roller Dome (which had a wood floor instead of a cement one, and later was converted to a bingo hall), and Skate City (which, as far as I know, still stands to this day). Skate City was my territory. Many girls’ birthday parties were at the rinks, too.

In 9th grade I met Kim. She was great at roller skating. We went to Skate City every weekend. Kim knew everyone there… the DJ, the snackbar workers, the guy handing out the skates. She could speed-skate, she could skate backwards. She was awesome. I could just skate frontwards. I could speed-skate, but I couldn’t win.

I met my first boyfriend at Skate City… Kenny. Wow, he was cute. And he could skate backwards, too. So when it was time for the “Snowball” (couples skating) we didn’t have to just hold hands, I felt so cool. But, since he went to a different school, and we only saw each other on the weekends, it didn’t last. Oh well.

Anyway, Kim moved after 9th grade, and I kinda stopped skating. It just wasn’t cool anymore, and none of my other friends did it. Once I had kids of my own I would take them sometimes, and it was a blast! But, now I’d have to drive waaay too far to find a roller rink. It’s a fading thing 😦

It wasn’t too long ago I was feeling very nostalgic and looked online for the closest rink… it was just too far. I was going to take my kids skating, then come home and watch 80’s movies and eat turkey sandwiches and Nacho Cheese Doritos with cheese melted on top (that’s what Kim and I used to do) and drink New York Seltzers. Those have disappeared, too.

One day, when I get the hell out of California, maybe I’ll be able to skate again 🙂

*OOOOH!!! I just looked again, and there are a few closer than I thought. I might have to plan something soon….maybe a blogger retro skate day in January or something. Hmmm…

17 Responses to “Amy’s Roller Skating History… as told by Amy.”

  1. 1 Mr. Fabulous

    I can totally picture you in Roller Boogie.

  2. 2 teri

    I used to go skating when I was a kid as well, although I sucked at it.

    The skating rink is no more and I can’t honestly tell you where another skating rink is. There are a few ice skating rinks, one the Flyers practice at and the other one is not far from that one. And considering we live in the coldest place on earth, the Philadelphia suburbs, can you tell me why we have this many skating rinks??

    I think it’s a dieing sport.

  3. 3 Funky Fresh Freddie

    I had blue with yellow striped skates too. I felt totally gay.

  4. 4 Blogarita

    I loved skating as a child and young teenager! Our “skating rink” was horrendous, though. It was a run-down affair that always smelled like a musty old attic and it had an awful wood floor that was warped in several spots and a 3 foot divider wall in the middle of the rink. The rental skates were just…ewww! Yet we went every weekend, because there was nowhere else to go in our little town…and because we had so much fun!

  5. 5 Mombi

    Here’s my confession: I never learned how to skate backwards. In fact, I never got very good at all. But unfortunately throughout my life I was blessed with a love for something (good) and then cursed with the inability to do it well (bad).

    I think you should just come to Ohio and we’ll have a little skate party.

  6. 6 dirty

    I remember the all night lock ins at the skating rink…good times. I was terrible at skating but it was fun regardless…

    Maybe I’d be good now…

  7. 7 teri

    Amy, I had a satin jacket as well. I think it was a knock-off though.

  8. 8 Janet

    My memories of roller skating are a bit painful, but memorable all the same. I cant say I ever actually became a skater, but I did go and hold on to the railing for quite a few songs when I was in summer camp as a kid. Then finally, when I would gain enough confidence to move away from the railing, it would always be time to leave:( This stays with me. That and the song they always seemed to play that summer while skating, Easy Lover.:)

  9. 9 Marni

    I LOVED skating! I got my first “real” kiss at a skating rink and met so many boys! I never could skate backwards… but my friends and I sure could boogie on those things!

    A few years ago we had a “reunion” with the folks that went to our rink. it was SO much fun! What made me laugh, though, was that the clicks were still in effect. Everyone stayed with who they knew back in the day.

    Ohhh… those days were F. U. N.

  10. 10 Chris

    I used to drink New York Seltzer all the time! Skating was never my bag, though. I do remember going a few times to a rink near my house. I distinctly remember a lot of REO Speedwagon.

  11. 11 Grant Miller

    I will bring the mandatory wrist and head bands.

  12. 12 Josh

    Follow that dream, Amy. Don’t let distance keep you from those dizzying lights of the mirror ball.

  13. 13 Amy

    Janet- you weren’t the only one at the railing, I’m sure.

    Marni- a reunion! How fun! I don’t even know any of my skating buddies anymore.

    Chris- New York Seltzer was awesome. I wonder what happened to it?

    Grant- I’ll be looking for you.

    Josh- Thanks for your inspiring words.

  14. 14 mixednut

    Talk about flashbacks.
    I was a skating freak back in the day.
    For a while I was at the rink 3 times a week.
    I still have my skates and I pull them out once in a while.
    BTW Amy, a wood floor in good condition is the best!
    I swear to this day if I hit the lottery, forget the swimming pool and tennis court, I want a private rink. Whoo!

  15. 15 Valerie

    In 8th grade we had a school-sponsored Field Trip to the local Roller Skating Rink. How cool is that?!?!?

    I loved skating too, I wasn’t very good, but always enjoyed going when the opportunity arised.

  16. 16 Valerie

    Whatever happened to New York Seltzers? Those were awesome!

  17. 17 SushiBoy

    I think you should all come to Provo Utah where they still have Disco Saturday nights one of the Rinks!

    I used to go every Saturday. I still love to skate, but I don’t get to go nearly as often as I used to. 😦 I am introducing the kids to skating so that when they are older I’ll always have an excuse to go. (to take them)

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