Freaky Christmas


At night my neighborhood is beautiful with all the bright, colorful Christmas lights glowing cheerfully. Many yards have the inflatable Santa or Snowman that are all lit up and kind of bounce merrily. Look, little children… they are waving to you!!

But during the day it looks like the goddamn Jonestown Massacre. Deflated, dead Santa’s and Snowmen lying lifeless all over the neighborhood.

I can’t help but to think this has got to freak out more than one child.

8 Responses to “Freaky Christmas”

  1. 1 Blogarita

    I’ve noticed this around here, too. It’s kind of a let down, so to speak.

  2. 2 Jen

    some of the inflatables
    are stupid looking…
    I saw one with santa on a motorcycle


    just sayin’

    You don’t own the
    santa on the motorcycle inflatable..
    do you Amy??

  3. 3 Mel

    I really think the inflatible ones are a little tacky, but the penguins are really cute.

    I think I might have to get me that santa on a motorcycle 🙂

  4. 4 Amy

    I own no inflatables.

  5. 5 Teri

    A guy down the street from me has the Santa on a motorcycle. kind of cool, very modern….I guess

  6. 6 Mr. Fabulous

    The thought of that makes me giggle.

    *tee hee*

    Oh, that was manly.

  7. 7 dirty

    This one house in my neighborhood has a Santa inflatable that is taller than their house…it is down right scary.

  8. 8 Mombi

    Inflatables are bad, mmkay? They’re lazy people’s Christmas decor!

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