The Big Announcement Post…


So, I’m sure to most of you this might be a let down. You were probably thinking I was engaged or pregnant or moving or something like that… or, as already suggested, a sex change operation.

That is not the case.

My big announcement is that… we got a kitty!!

Introducing Bogey, the newest cat to grace your monitor!

We’ve been thinking about getting a cat since we moved to this house and our landlord was cool with us getting one. I thought around Christmastime would be good, because the kids would be off school and my boyfriend usually gets some time off work… so we could all bond.

Last week we went to the shelter, and Bogey was the first kitty we met. Right away he was purring and exploring and being very friendly… but we thought we should meet some other cats, too. It was heartbreaking to just choose one, but we did. He hadn’t been neutered yet, so we had to wait until yesterday to pick him up from the shelter.

He had his surgery yesterday, so when we picked him up he was pretty freaked out because of the anesthetic. He spent the night in the bathroom, and was really good and quiet 🙂

So, finally this morning we got some bonding time and some photo opportunities! He’s been super playful, being particularly interested in some yarn (oooh… shocking), the vertical blinds, and my boyfriends boots. He’s also been very cuddly!

He’s between 2.5 and 4 months old, I guess. He was brought into the shelter as a stray. Also, Bogey is the name the shelter gave him, but we thought we would just keep it, or he might go nameless for a while until we figured out a good name for him (which we would be pretty anal about).

Bogey is the first cat I’ve ever owned. I’m very excited and happy! Hopefully he’ll provide some entertaining stories and pictures. So far he is a riot!!

So, there it is!

Stop yawning.

9 Responses to “The Big Announcement Post…”

  1. 1 Mel

    AWwww what a sweetie!

    I know its tough picking out just one when you adopt a homeless pet. Thats why I have 8 dogs LOL.

    Cant wait for more pictures!

  2. 2 teri

    so….no sex change operation?

    I’m sad now.

    the kittie’s cute and will be loads of fun, they always are.

  3. 3 Mr. Fabulous

    That’s a nice looking kitty!

    I had money on you having syphilis.

  4. 4 Jen

    Awesome Announcement

    He’s Beautiful!

    more pics…

  5. 5 Nobody

    What the hell? That was your “big” announcement? What a crock a ….

    Enjoy the kitty.

  6. 6 Sans Pantaloons

    Bogey is a STAR! and very photogenic. Congratulations on this handsome addition to your family Amy!

  7. 7 Blogarita

    He’s adorable! Can I have him?

  8. 8 teri

    he’s got major tude in that first picture. he looks pissed!

  9. 9 Amy

    No, you can’t have him Blogarita. Sorry.

    But thanks for the compliments everyone! I just love him to pieces!!!

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