First Time Cat Owner Lesson # 1…


Lesson #1– If you want to leave your bedroom door open so the new, cute kitty can come sleep with you, do NOT sleep with your face close to the edge of the bed unless you want some claws all up in your grill.


And… some more pictures! Aren’t you glad you know another blogger who now posts cat pictures? I just can’t help myself, I have to share his total adorableness. Have to. The world must know.


5 Responses to “First Time Cat Owner Lesson # 1…”

  1. 1 Poderoso Caballero

    Cats (Steven?)

  2. 2 Mel

    I had a cat named Fang one time and he had some issues. We learned never to sleep with your hands hanging over the mattress.

    Bogey is adorable! Post all the pics you want, I love them!

  3. 3 Amy

    Fang…lol! cool.

    Thanks Mel!

  4. 4 teri

    since my one cat looks exactly like yours, I LOVE HIM!

    PS kittens are CRAZY. they will climb on, attack and must plain maul anything in their path. GOOD LUCK! heheheheh

  5. 5 Jen

    you are right..
    the world must know

    cat bloggers unite!!

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