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And I had to share it with all of you. Sorry. Here’s some Bogey to make you forget… Advertisements

I feel like I’ve been slacking on the posting lately… sorry. But, here is a very educational video for you all. It’s less than 2 minutes long, but I feel it’s really got some important information. I found it over at Pop Fantastic, and I really think it might save a life someday. Click here.

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The cast of characters: Deli lady– the only lady working the deli counter at the grocery store Potato Salad lady– the lady in front of me Me– me Old Guy– the older gentleman who came in after me… he has no lines Asshole– the asshole that came in after the older gentleman. ————————————————————————- Deli lady […]

a walkman story


So Jen posted a little about the walkman the other day, and it reminded me of this story. (By the way, I swear all of you people are going to put me in therapy one day because I’m remembering all of this repressed stuff). In 5th grade I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED Micheal Jackson. This was when “Thriller” […]

The batteries in my digital camera are dead. I have some rechargable ones, but I can’t find the charger, and those are all dead, too. So, that would be the reason for the lack of Bogey pictures.————————————————- My internet connection has been all wonky, and very irritating at times. So, that would be the reason […]

When I was in 7th grade (gosh, I have a lot of 7th grade stories) there was a “night-club” for teens that I would go to with my friends Kim and Patty. For some reason a local tv station decided to record some of the dancing and music every week and replay it the following […]

Dear Mr. Creepy Crawly-I’m writing to you to ask you to stop biting me in the middle of the night. Or anytime, really, but you seem to be partial to biting me while I sleep. You’re very sneaky. When I slip between the sheets I never see you. And, in the morning when I wake […]

Bogey says…


Have a nice, relaxing weekend! *there ya go, Zed.

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