The New Years post…


New cat, new year, new resolutions… new look for the blog.

What are my resolutions? Not to make any, thank you very much. I never follow through, so why bother? And… if I feel like I need to do something to improve myself, why wait until January 1st anyway?

However, there are a couple of things I would like to do this year… like actually finish something that I start to crochet… or take a cake decorating class. Actually, right now that’s it.

Oh, and since my awesome friend Angie gave me a super-duper-ooper neato entertaining set, complete with martini glasses and a mixer/strainer, I also want to learn to make lots of different cocktails.

Most people probably resolve not to drink…

On a completely different note.. I started this blog last January. At first I titled it “Seriously??” after the little joke on Grey’s Anatomy, and would end every post that way. I meant for this blog to be my outlook on entertainment and pop culture, or something like that, because there is NO ONE who knows more about that shit than me (puhleese). After a few months I changed the title to Mish Mash, because that’s what I felt like this blog was (and still is), just a mish mash of my thoughts about whatever the hell I feel like you people desperately need to know about. It took a while before it really got noticed. I mean, I know I’m not famous or anything, but I’m very happy with the great people that comment here, and the community I feel like I’m a part of all because of blogging. I’m glad I didn’t just give it up. I’m glad I found all of you!! Blogging, and reading all of your blogs, really makes me smile and laugh a LOT. I look forward to lots more fun in the New Year.



8 Responses to “The New Years post…”

  1. 1 Sans Pantaloons

    Cheers Amy! Your new look is beautiful. If you feel like shaking me up one, I’ll have a Long Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall please.

    Closely followed by a Strawberry Daiquiri and my own creation called a Sweet & Sour, which is Glayva and Jack Daniels.

    I resolved not to drink in 1976. My follow through is somewhat lacking… but I do look forward to sharing a great deal of fun with you in 2007!

  2. 2 Scarlet

    Great new look. Its all so shiny and sparkley.

    Good to see you haven’t stretched yourself too thin with resolutions.

    And since your up making drinks. Give me anything with Vodka, thanks.


  3. 3 Jen

    I dig the new look.

    neato indeed

  4. 4 Zed

    Thank you, Amy, for providing all the info I so “desperately need to know about.”

    Life has gotten 110% better since I began to read Mish Mash. Who could ask for more? πŸ™‚

    Happy 2007!

  5. 5 Mel

    9 out of ten doctors recommend Mish Mash for stress reiief! Who I am to question that?

    Happy blogaversary!

  6. 6 Amy

    Thanks guys. I’m so glad I can provide you with stress relief and liquor.

  7. 7 BullysE

    Backatcha! Happy Anniversary–and don’t stop the blogging fun! It’s just getting started. Thanks to Blog Crush Day, we all got to find more blogs we never knew! πŸ™‚

  8. 8 Nobody

    Love the new look. Now I feel the need to fix up that dump I call my blog.

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