Most Embarrassing Moment…


You know, there may have been more embarrassing moments in my life than the one I’m going to tell you about, but this one always comes to mind when the subject come up.

I was in 7th grade. The whole year I was madly in love with an 8th grader we’ll call RP. He had absolutely no idea who I was. Not a clue.

Everything would have been perfect for us. Not only did I like him, but my friends liked his friends. We all could have been going out on little middle school dates to the mall, and McDonalds, and PG movies and stuff… together… just like on commercials and Growing Pains and Family Ties and The Cosby Show. Except, RP and his friends didn’t know we existed.

At the end of the year there was “Track Day”. I’m so athletic (NOT), and this was my chance to shine… to be noticed. I was going to win some event and get his attention. It was the perfect plan, it just had to work.

Hurdles. This was the event I chose, the event my non-athletic ass was going to win. I could see myself running and breaking through the tape, then standing on the podium and accepting my Olympic gold medal as they played the National Anthem and wrapped the American Flag around me. Then, RP would come up to me with a dozen… no… 3 dozen roses and say “I’ve been admiring you from afar, and I just couldn’t help myself anymore….” or, “That was really cool. Wanna make out?” and plant one on me, as confetti dropped and movie music played and credits rolled.

I got in my position. I don’t remember any of the girls I was racing against. The gun shot, or the whistle blew, or whatever. I started to run. I was running!! I WAS RUNNING! I was passing people!! This was amazing!!! Wow, I’m in 2nd place!! Run… jump… is RP watching?? I hope he’s watching… run… jump… run…

It happened in slow motion, I’m sure of it. I landed on my stomach and I slid a couple feet to my doom. Oh…. my….. GOD HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN???? Was RP watching?? I hope he wasn’t watching.

No time to think. I got up and finished the race instead of laying there like a dumb crybaby. I think I still beat somebody.

There were no medals, no confetti, no kiss from RP. Just some lame comments from one of my teachers about how that was memorable (since I wasn’t really hurt), and some snickers and sympathy from onlookers. I don’t know if RP was watching or not.

So, come on… make me feel better. What was your most embarrassing moment? Post about it on your blog, or leave a comment, or both 🙂


10 Responses to “Most Embarrassing Moment…”

  1. 1 Slinger

    Wow, so many to choose from… worst is probably my first week of high school. Thinking I was so cool, I was going down the stairs 2 at a time, and I fell. In front of the whole entrance where people came in. Books. papers. EVERYWHERE. People laughing as I got up and blood dripping from my lip that I had bitten. WORST. DAY. EVER!

  2. 2 teri

    can my whole jr high (7th-9th) experience count as embarrasing? No? Well, I’m making it all three years count, so there.

    at least you got up and finished instead of crawling into a hole somewhere.

  3. 3 dirty

    Over the summer we went out to dinner with a group of my husband’s family and we were having a few drinks and when I got up to go to the bathroom, I slipped and fell. All the waiters and waitresses came to my rescue and I got cut off by the bar-tender…fuckers. I only had 2 beers and wasn’t drunk yet.

    I was so embarrassed that I nearly turned purple.

  4. 4 mixednut

    Well, there was that time… once… it was premature… do I have to go on??? *welling up*

  5. 5 Dick Small

    My most embarrasing moment was when I was at a Pizza hut, and I really had to “go”. I was looking for the men’s room and somehow took a wrong turn and ended up getting locked in the store’s basement. I ended up peeing my pants.

  6. 6 Dick Small

    Hurdles…. HAHAHAHAHAAAAHA!!! MAN, I would have laughed my ASS off! Hahahaha!

  7. 7 Mrs.ZigZagMan

    a true dork know to stay far far away from the hurdles…… but heart wrenching and funny story all at the same time…well done.

  8. 8 Emily

    Ive had quite a few embarrassing moments and I love looking back on them and laughing. My freshmen year I was at a carnival and my friends kept making me laugh and I had to pee really bad. Unfortunatelly the only kind of bathrooms people were allowed to use were porto potties and I think those are nasty. I couldn’t hold it so I made my way over to the porto potty like a trooper. On the way I asked my friend how I knew I wasn’t going to walk in no someone. Then my friend told me that it would say occupied. So I went in and while I was going to the bathroom I thought to myself, wow I wonder how it knows Im in here… Is it sensored or something?…Little did I know there was a lock to make it say occupied. The door swings open and there stands a little old lady staring at me. Kids by the scrambler point and laugh. I was mortofied. To this day I still have a fear of porto potties, but I haven’t forgotten to lock the door since.

  9. 9 bitchy

    my most embarrassing moment was 7th grade i guess i had a crush on the most cutest Russian boy i’m telling u he was fucking hot so i asked him if he wanted to kiss mje and he said yes so he plants a big juicy one on me i ask him di he wanna go in the closet he says yes so were making out and all and he starts feeling on my ass and i start moaning and groaning like i was having the fucking best time of my life and he ask me was i riding a horse this month and i say what and he repeats himself and then he says are you on your period cuz he could totally feel my pad and i forgot all about it and then he looked grossed pout and said i’m sorry but some holla at me when your done with mother nature’s monthly gift and i know you are probably say what a whore who has sex and makes out in a closet in 7th grade well if u r wondering that the answer is me duh!!!!

  1. 1 What a day! « Mish Mash

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