My own brushes with fame


There are many, I must tell you. Some of them are questionable, though.

1. I went to Great America when I was 3, and I saw all the characters from Looney Tunes. I stepped on Sylvesters tail.

2. I went to the mall in 2nd grade and saw Darth Vader.

3. I went to the mall a couple years later and saw Jackie Zeman (who plays Bobbie Spencer on General Hospital) promoting some aerobics tape or something.

4. I had a friend in 7th grade that worked with a talent agent, and she lied to me that she once saw Corey Feldman at the agency… that he was in town working on a movie (she admitted she lied). Okay, maybe that doesn’t count as a brush with fame… but what a bitch.

5. I saw Kurt Russell at an Air Force Academy hockey game when I was in high school… just sitting in the stands enjoying the game. I thought about asking for his autograph, but I decided not to bother him.

6. I went to a piano bar, and all in one night I saw Kordell Stewart from (at the time) the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Adam Foote, Mike Ricci, and a few others I can’t remember from the Colorado Avalanche (again, at the time).


9 Responses to “My own brushes with fame”

  1. 1 mixednut

    I saw Jackie leaving a bank in Encino about 15 years ago.
    What a babe!

  2. 2 Jen

    I liked #4 the best

  3. 3 Zed

    I live in an area where many actors, actresses, songwriters, singers, sports stars, and other well-known people live. So it’s not a big deal to see them fairly frequently. I’ve seen Donald Trump, Eddie Murphy, Kareem Jabar, Magic Johnson, Alan Alda, Sting, Michael Jordan, Geraldo, Patrick Ewing (retired–NBA), and on and on. I once asked Patrick Ewing to hand me some pasta from a top shelf in the supermarket, which he kindly did. Who else? Julia Roberts, Bill Clinton, Goldie Hawn (minus Kurt Russell), a kazillion soap-opera stars. I’m jaded. None of it phases me anymore. Now I stay home and blog and couldn’t care less who I see. Seeing my cats Frankie & Johnny is good enough for me.

  4. 4 Teri

    I saw Genie Francis (General Hospital), her husband (the Star Trek dude) and kids at the Boston Airport a few years ago. Does this count?

  5. 5 Amy

    Well I’m so sorry for wasting your time with my lame crap then, Zed… lol!

    Teri- yes, that absolutely counts.

  6. 6 teri

    Amy, Zed thinks she’s SO popular cause she’s seen all these “so called” famous people. Whatever.


    maybe she’s famous herself and we don’t know it? Maybe that’s why she’s seen so many famous people?

  7. 7 Blogarita

    I wouldn’t mind a “brush with fame” if it was Kurt Russell. LOL!

  8. 8 Winter

    I’ve only seen Mr.T, and Richard Simmons in person..

  9. 9 Zed

    Pfft. And more pfft. 🙂

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