What the hell button did I click to make weather….


What the hell button did I click to make weather.com think I was getting married, and how do I reverse it?

Whenever I go to check the weather, I get all these damn little wedding tips. Like, if it’s supposed to be raining on a particular day it says “tent your event”.

It also gives me links if I’m:

  • getting married somewhere else
  • want to plan for an outdoor wedding
  • want to know when the sun will set
  • want to know what flowers are in season
  • want to find the perfect honeymoon destination

Oh well, I’m too lazy to figure it out. Or does it think everyone is getting married?


4 Responses to “What the hell button did I click to make weather….”

  1. 1 Zed

    It must be their current theme. They asked me “Get Engaged for Christmas?” Er, no. Why?

    Poor people. They can’t ALWAYS talk about they weather … they must be desperate for new material.

  2. 2 dirty

    How ass-like of them to assume.

  3. 3 Slinger

    Weather Channel has gotten all feminie lately. They have a ton of beautiful wmen anchors now, so maybe the women got involved in the website too.

  4. 4 Amy

    I don’t even watch the weather channel. The last time I watched it was with my grandparents, because that is all the fucking watched at their house, weather channel, cnn, some other local news… sometimes Yan Can Cook. Oh, and golf.

    But, yeah… I think Zed might have a point that they need to do something more exciting than just weather all the time.

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