Dinner and a movie..


**Update… the movie was great! And, please feel free to steal the pizza idea. I’m sure I’m not the inventor anyway.

Tonight my family is having “make your own pizza”. I love it. We get the personal size Boboli shells and just go to town with whatever toppings we want. Usually it’s just your normal pepperoni and sausage (I get this great mild Italian sausage from a local market), but sometimes I like to do Canadian bacon and pineapple. We all like to use ranch dressing instead of pizza sauce, although sometimes I like to mix the sauces. It’s fun to just have whatever the hell you want and not worry about what everyone else likes. It’s just so simple and fast and easy… I highly recommend it!!

The movie for tonight is “Little Miss Sunshine”. I’ve been wanting to see this since it was in the theaters. I know I’m like the last person on Earth to see it… maybe even the last person in the universe.
Oh yeah…

First time cat owner lesson #2:

Don’t try to pick up and console the cat when he is freaked the hell out because you are running the vaccuum for the first time, unless you want people to think you’re a cutter.

8 Responses to “Dinner and a movie..”

  1. 1 Jen

    awesome movie!!

    a cutter… BWAHAHAHahahah
    yep.. Kitty’s hate vacuums

  2. 2 Megan

    I saw Lil’ Miss Sunshine pretty late myself. Very good movie. . .I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

    And as a first time kitty owner, I’m glad to know other kitties are terrified of the vacuum too.

  3. 3 Mel

    Love the movie, hope it was fun!

    Watch out for cat scratch fever! Poor kitty. My chihuahua like to bark and chase the vacuum cleaner.

  4. 4 Blogarita

    I love making homemade pizza; what a great idea for everyone to top their own the way they like!

    We watched Little Miss Sunshine just a couple of weeks ago, so we were almost the last in the universe to see it. šŸ™‚

  5. 5 mixednut

    Still haven’t seen it, so don’t feel bad Amy.

    Love the pizza idea. Can I steal?

  6. 6 Zed

    As a fourth-generation Italian American, I find it incumbent upon myself to mention that “pizza” is not composed of Canadian bacon and pineapple. Nor does one use ranch dressing instead of tomato sauce. haha! Oh, okay, have it however you want!! šŸ™‚

    As for picking up a freaked out cat, hard lesson to learn. I hope you heal quickly!

  7. 7 Dick Small

    You’re not the last person to have seen it. I’ve never seen it. I’ve also never seen ranch dressing on a pizza. Gag.

  8. 8 Dick Small

    Although I do put ranch dressing on my steak. But that’s just me.

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