Little Miss Sunshine made me miss my grandpa…


Not because my grandpa was like that grandpa AT ALL. But, I do remember really liking my grandpa.

The scene where they got to the hotel and Olive wanted to stay in grandpa’s room… that was me.

While my grandpa did not swear like that, or do drugs, or help me with a fabulous dance routine, he did teach me this song…

I won’t go huntin’ with you Jake, but I’ll go chasin’ women
So put them hounds back in the pens and quit your silly grinnin’
Well, the moon is bright, and I’m half-tight; my life is just beginnin’
I won’t go huntin’ with you Jake, but I’ll go chasin’ women.

He would also help me with my homework, and as a result I got LOTS of scratch and sniff stickers, which was awesome. I loved those stickers. My favorite was the pickle scented one.

When I was young he worked in a carpet store, and to this day the smell of new carpet reminds me of him 🙂

Anyway, just a few memories of my wonderful grandpa that make me smile.

4 Responses to “Little Miss Sunshine made me miss my grandpa…”

  1. 1 Blogarita

    My grandpa was a funny, neat old guy. I see a lot of him in my dad lately.

  2. 2 Chris

    I just saw this movie myself the other day – good stuff!

    Your grandpa sounds great. That’s something I really missed having. Both of mine died before I was born.

  3. 3 Amy

    He was awesome. He was even a really good buddy for my kids.

    I’m sorry you missed out on that, Chris. I was lucky enough to have mine until just a few years ago.

  4. 4 Valerie

    Now I’m the last person in the world that hasn’t seen Little Miss Sunshine.

    Your Grandpa sounds great. 🙂

    I LOVE those Scratch and Sniff Stickers! Where can I buy some?

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