Another post of totally random shit


The batteries in my digital camera are dead. I have some rechargable ones, but I can’t find the charger, and those are all dead, too. So, that would be the reason for the lack of Bogey pictures.

My internet connection has been all wonky, and very irritating at times. So, that would be the reason for the lack of posts lately.

I love to read product descriptions. I could probably spend hours in the shampoo aisle at the store reading about how this particular herb or chemical is going to make my hair silky or managable. Or in the aisle with the tea, and read the Celestial Seasonings boxes, and how this herbal tea will make me feel calm. Just reading about it making me calm makes me calm!

I may have a problem.

Bogey has this hacky sack ball thing that he found in my son Shane’s room. Shane got it from a cereal box (cereal box toys suck nowadays). The ball is small and soft, and Bogey likes to bite it and sink his claws in it and just go crazy. Now I can’t find it. I went to the pet store to see about getting him another toy like this, but EVERY SINGLE cat toy that is remotely similar has catnip in it. I really don’t need him to be any crazier than he gets on his own right now. Seriously. I love him to death, but he really goes nuts all on his own, without the aid of catnip.

Oh, and we have this super-excellent bamboo type wallpaper on this one wall. He loves that, too. He literally climbs the wall, which drives me up it.

But I really love him soooooooooo much, even the crazy parts! Right now I’m watching him play with a plastic bottle cap. He will bat it around a little bit, then set it up in just the perfect spot… then go hide behind something and pounce on it. It’s hilarious. I wish I could be so easily entertained.

8 Responses to “Another post of totally random shit”

  1. 1 dirty

    My daughter cut her own hair tonight…yeah, it looks swell.

    Maybe you could recommend a shampoo for me to fix this little disaster?

  2. 2 Amy

    I do not have a recommendation, but I hope you have batteries in YOUR camera!

    My son did that once. Not as devastating on a boy, I would imagine.

  3. 3 Nobody

    My favorite is to give a cat a hand grenade to play with. KABOOM!

  4. 4 dirty

    I didn’t take a “before” picture…it slipped my mind until just now. I think I fixed it but my husband will have a heart attack because he wants her hair to be long forever.

    My ass will be chewed out when he sees it…and it isn’t even that short to begin with.

    That picture of Bogey is adorable.

  5. 5 teri

    alright, that’s it. I’m kidnapping Bogey and keeping him for myself. He’s adorable and I can’t stand it anymore.

    I’m sure he’ll get along fine with my two kitties.

    I will not be sending a ransom note.

  6. 6 snowywoodz

    That’s one beautiful cat.

  7. 7 coffeypot

    I like to read the instruction on how to install a tampon. It’s kind of like “reading” the African pictures in National Geographic in the library when I was a kid.

    I almost bough a box of tampons, too. Why, you ask? Because it said that if I did I could swim, ride horses and really enjoy life. I didn’t though. I would have had to go through the checkout counter and let the checkout girl see me do it.

  8. 8 Amy

    Nobody-you are evil

    Dirty-I hope your ass is still in one piece today

    Teri-I have security all around this joint

    Snowy-thanks 🙂 you can’t have him either.

    coffeypot-yeah… the tampon instruction pictures used to make me feel like I was reading something dirty.

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