a walkman story


So Jen posted a little about the walkman the other day, and it reminded me of this story. (By the way, I swear all of you people are going to put me in therapy one day because I’m remembering all of this repressed stuff).

In 5th grade I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED Micheal Jackson. This was when “Thriller” was released, which is totally cool and always will be no matter how completely wacko Jacko becomes. Anyway, I had went to a friends slumber party and brought my walkman with my Thriller tape to the party. I accidentaly left them there when I went home. My friend decided it would be ok for her to use them while she was roller skating or riding her bike or running around like a retard or whatever. As she was running across the street the walkman OPENED and the tape fell out….. AND IT FUCKING GOT RUN OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That bitch. The tape I loved so much was reduced to plastic rubble and yards and yards of tape blowing in the wind. When she told me I died a little inside.

Thankfully she replaced my Thriller tape very soon after that. But, I’m sure I went through some withdrawals and spent most of my Thriller-less time drooling and rocking in a corner. I’m sure that is the reason for so many things that are wrong with me today.

22 Responses to “a walkman story”

  1. 1 Scarlet

    Opened? Got runover?

    I reckon her big brother mangled it.

  2. 2 Amy

    How did you know she HAD a big brother, Scarlet?

    Are you her big brother? Did you have something to do with this?

    I’ll find you.

  3. 3 teri

    that explains it.

  4. 4 teri

    PS, his earlier stuff was fabulous

  5. 5 Jen


  6. 6 Scarlet

    I hated the way the early walkmans chewed through 4 batteries at a time.

    Teri – True, you can definately see the rise and fall of his talent.

  7. 7 Amy's Retarded Friend

    Hi Amy, this is your friend who ruined your tape. I want to apologize for being SUCH an idiot. I did aLOT of stupid things when we were kids, and this was one of them. It’s haunted me all these years, and I’m SO glad I was able to find your blog and apologize officially. What I did to you I will ALWAYS regret. I hope you can forgive me, and what’s more I hope someday I can forgive MYSELF. The therapy is helping a little, but there are many more “issues” that still need to be addressed. Sorry I let you down.

  8. 8 Amy

    I’m glad you’re getting some help finally. I heard that you ruined a lot of other peoples tapes. I’m guessing there is a 12 step program for something like this.

    Good luck.

  9. 9 Dick Small

    My you handled that graciously Amy. I MIGHT not have been so forgiving …

  10. 10 Grant Miller

    You’re a PYT.

  11. 11 Dick Small

    PYT??? You mean me?? Is that bad? I bet it is.

  12. 12 Dick Small

    Well Amy, it’s been nice visiting your blog. I don’t need to be insulted. I won’t be back.

  13. 13 Zed

    Think of how your life might have been different if only that biotch hadn’t ruined that tape for you! Who knows what greatness you might have achieved if she hadn’t broken your spirit!

    She needs to be dealt with. It’s never too late. Let me know if you need my cousin Rocky’s phone number. He’ll “take care of it” for you…

  14. 14 Amy

    If PYT means the same thing now as it did then, then I think it’s a compliment.

    Back then it meant Pretty Young Thing.

    Let’s think up some other things it could mean..

    Pitiful Yellow Tramp

    Partying Yelling Tuna

    Pompous Yankee Turd

    That’s all I can come up with right now. I’m pretty sure in your case, Dick, that it means Pretty Young Thing.

  15. 15 Amy

    Zed- I lost touch with her loooonnnggg ago. But I remember her name, and her brothers. Maybe I should look them up on myspace.

    I coulda been so much cooler than I am now.

  16. 16 Dick Small

    …. hmmmm, I don’t know… I mean, it sounds like an insult, and you know how emotionally fragile I am…

  17. 17 Lynda


    Maybe you should consider getting the CD. But don’t loan it to Dick Small, I mean, your retarded friend. She would only use it as a Frisbee.

  18. 18 Dick Small

    Just what are you insinuating, Lynda..

  19. 19 Amy

    Please, Lynda. Didn’t you see Dick’s comment about how fragile he is?

    Please, Lynda. Continue…

  20. 20 NYPD policeman

    ***swings bat***

    Lets see how fragile?

  21. 21 Dave Evans

    i remember doing my paper route with my walkman listening to Bon Jovi

  22. 22 Dick Small

    Put down the bat, Lynda.

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