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So I thought you guys needed a Bogey fix… He’s very helpful when I’m doing the dishes… …and putting away groceries. After all that work he likes to stretch out and relax. Advertisements

I don’t know if you people know what Fry’s Electronics is. I didn’t until I moved to California. It’s this huge electronics warehouse. I’m sure some men might refer to it as “heaven”. We go there whenever we are in a larger city that has one, and this weekend was no exception. Alex (my boyfriend) […]

Today is my son Mike’s 14th birthday. In honor of his birthday I took a good long look in the mirror at myself. I am the mother of a 14 year old. And yes, how wonderful of me to make his birthday all about me. He’s at school, having a normal 14 year old life, […]



I use the word “wonky” occasionally. I heard someone on TV use it the other day, and my friend wondered what it meant. Even though he supposedly reads my blog, he had never heard it. I don’t know if there is a real definition for it, and I don’t feel like looking it up. When […]



So, I had this whole post ready to go. I cut the text so I could upload a picture and the text wouldn’t go all wonky. Then I found the photo I wanted to use, so I copied the url. Here is the photo… I lost the goddamn text. Make up your own post to […]

1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen never smile anymore. They are both very skinny. My theory is that they barf up their meals, so their teeth are all fucked up from the vomit, so they don’t smile. Or, they are pissed off because no one has let them eat since they were 13. 2. By […]

The internet problem has been fixed, thanks to my awesome boyfriend! Now I can actually leave comments, and make posts, and numerous other things that I somehow was able to live without only a few short years ago.Rejoice and be glad!!!—————————————————— The weather is sooooo beautiful here the past few days (neener neener neener)! The […]

Mike: “You know that amusement park in Colorado… the North Pole or something?” Me: “Yeah” Mike: “This reminds me of it… ‘cuz it’s all snowy and bumpy and mountainy.”


I remember watching reruns of I Dream of Jeannie as a little girl. Today I wonder if she is a super-hero? And, in the world of super-herodom, what makes someone a super-hero anyway? Do you have to have a comic book? Do you have to save a life? Jeannie could save lives, I think. And, […]