A couple of theories of mine…


1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen never smile anymore. They are both very skinny. My theory is that they barf up their meals, so their teeth are all fucked up from the vomit, so they don’t smile. Or, they are pissed off because no one has let them eat since they were 13.

2. By now you’ve heard or seen Miss Brit shaved her head. My theory is that since Anna Nicole died there is a crazy lady void to fill, and Britney felt obligated. Or, she was tired of the media focusing only on Anna Nicole’s death, and needed to do something drastic to draw some attention to herself.

That’s it. Those are my theories. Fascinating, right? RIGHT?


11 Responses to “A couple of theories of mine…”

  1. 1 Dave Evanns

    #1 – I had forgotten about these 2 skeletons actually.

    #2 – I have to agree with you on this. She is so desperate for attention now, and I think this was a cry for help.

  2. 2 teri

    I think all of your theories are correct.

    it’s a crazy world out there.

  3. 3 Jen

    I concur

  4. 4 Nobody™

    true and true.

  5. 5 dirty

    The Olson twins were the ugliest babies I have ever seen…there…I said it.

    Anyhoo…I think these are facts.

  6. 6 Marni

    I have to agree on both counts. The Olsen girls freak. me. out. They look like two aliens – not cute, or pretty, at all.

    As for Brit. I’m afraid she will be the next ANS if she isn’t careful. Who is watching her boys while all this is happening? The nanny? Her lawyer? Ugggghhh!

  7. 7 Flannery Alden

    You and my Grandma are sharing a brain: she said the exact same thing about Britney being jealous of all the ANS press out there.

  8. 8 Dick Small

    You can tell the smiles in the top photo are totally fake. The bottom one’s just plain disturbing.

  9. 9 Big Orange

    MUCH more than merely fascinating– absolutely dead on.

  10. 10 snowywoodz

    I find it all SO upsetting, really..

  11. 11 Amy

    I’m sure.

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