Weird icky dude at Fry’s Electronics…


I don’t know if you people know what Fry’s Electronics is. I didn’t until I moved to California. It’s this huge electronics warehouse. I’m sure some men might refer to it as “heaven”.

We go there whenever we are in a larger city that has one, and this weekend was no exception. Alex (my boyfriend) usually likes to wander around the entire store, looking at PC games, other software, and hardware, and wires, and cables, and keyboards, and mice, and cameras, and magazines, and music, and TV’s, and monitors, and phones… you get the idea. We walk around the whole store. My kids usually just stay by the games and play on the displays they have set up.

Do they have Guitar Hero? Of course.

Whenever we are anywhere that has a Guitar Hero display, Alex and my son Mike have to play at least a few songs. They both play it enough at home that they usually impresses some people at the store with their awesomeness.

Enter Weird icky dude. He was pretty large, had a grown out mullet, and was with an equally lovely woman. I’m not sure when they last did their laundry. They had a little girl with them… she was a tiny little thing, maybe 5 years old. She was wearing an adult size green flannel shirt that was dragging on the floor, and was in extreme desperate need of a comb.

Alex picked up the guitar controller, and the Weird icky dude said something like “next thing you know, you’re Scott Baio starring in a horrible movie called Crossroads“. I don’t think Alex heard him, and I pretended not to. But I really should have at least educated him that Scott Baio was not in Crossroads, it was Ralph Macchio. I can’t even believe anyone would mix them up. Gawd!

Since we “didn’t hear” Weird icky dude, he just went away.



16 Responses to “Weird icky dude at Fry’s Electronics…”

  1. 1 Nobody™

    Fry’s sounds like my kinda place.

    Never seen Crossroads. I can’t stand Ralph Macchio.

  2. 2 Flannery Alden

    Loved Crossroads! It was one of those 80’s films that seemed edgy and angsty at the time but is totally silly now.

    However, what an odd thing to say to a perfect stranger! And worse, to confuse those two…he is shamefully misinformed, among other things.

  3. 3 Dave Evanns

    We have a Fry’s near us, but I have never been in it. LMAO about Crossroads! And yeah, how can you mix them up?? Can you imagine if Scott Baio was The karate Kid?!?!?!

  4. 4 Dick Small

    Ah, actually I thought Macchio’s pic was actually Kevin from the Wonder Years fame.. Man, it shows how out of touch I can be..

  5. 5 Amy

    OMG Dick… he DOES look like Kevin from the Wonder Years!

    You’re so observant.

  6. 6 Dick Small

    I wonder if Ralph still looks like he’s not old enough to have armpit hair yet.

  7. 7 Grant Miller

    That weird dude was my dad. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  8. 8 Dick Small

    Grant told me Doctor Phil was his dad. Now I don’t believe anything he says, really..

  9. 9 snowywoodz

    So Amy, we’re seeing aLOT of Scott Baio (gag) these days. You’re still not over it, are you??? ARE you??!? Damn…

  10. 10 snowywoodz


  11. 11 snowywoodz

    Although I’ve never told anyone this, Amy, and please don’t repeat it, but I have a couple of Tiger Beat posters of Scott without a shirt on against a pink background in my sock drawer. Please keep it confidential. If word of this ever got out, I’d never hear the end of it.

  12. 12 Amy

    Could you make copies and send them to me? Maybe you could scan them and email them, or post them? I promise I won’t tell.

  13. 13 snowywoodz

    Sorry, but they’re for my own personal “use” (if you know what I mean)..

  14. 14 snowywoodz

    Yeah, I swiped them from my dad. To this day he doesn’t know I’ve got them.

  15. 15 Anonymous

    … I heard him.

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