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Has anyone ever seen and/or participated in a drinking contest? I’m not talking about your silly little games like Quarters or Asshole or whatever… I mean just you and one other person drinking shots to see who passes out or pukes first, or just gives up first. And there’s a whole crowd gathered around watching […]

“I demand that you turn my milk chocolaty!” I heard my son, Mike, exclaim to his Cocoa Puffs this morning. It got me thinking… there are basically 4 chocolaty cereals available. Cocoa Puffs, Cocoa Krispies, Cocoa Pebbles, and Count Chocula. Of these 4, only 2 really turn your milk chocolaty… Cocoa Krispies and Cocoa Pebbles, […]

Some California sunshine. Orange Blossom. Messy Petunias (and some lavender and a butterfly bush). Marigolds that I still need to plant. A Red Rose. I didn’t know what color the roses were on this bush, because last summer I didn’t see any! I think I brought the bush back to life!! I rule. How much […]

I’m just a sheep. Here are search terms that led people to my happy little blog. 1. cutie mish (huh?)2. hobbie ideas (my blog is loaded with great hobbie ideas)3. pass the duchie lyrics4. how the hell did i get here lyrics5. charlie brown kwanzaa lyrics (seriously? I didn’t know Charlie Brown celebrated Kwanzaa)6. first […]

Because I don’t know what else to post about today, here’s some pictures of Bogey. I know you all needed that on a Monday, anyway 🙂

Oh Ronald… *picture from

Oh my….


Thanks to Pop Candy, I found YuppiePunk, who has a list of TV theme songs sung by cast members. It includes Joanie Loves Chachi (even though Joanie is a bitch. I could’ve sang that song better than her, and meant it). So, go there to check out the list and listen to mp3’s of all […]

It’s ART!


…or something. Create your own at Mr. PicassoHead. It’s kinda fun! You know I would never tell you to do something that wasn’t fun.

Whoever came up with the idea of the break and bake chocolate chip cookie dough is an evil genius. I love you. No, wait… I mean I HATE you. But, please don’t go away. I hope you understand the way I feel about you.————————————————————————— Sundried Tomato and Basil flavored Wheat Thins. I love these things. […]



I’ve been tagged by someone. I mean no one. I mean Nobody tagged me. List seven songs you are into right now…no matter what they are. BUT…… they must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to. 1. The Sweet Escape- Gwen Stefani2. Over It- Katharine […]