I’m not dead


I haven’t forgotten about you all! I’m just in one of those un-bloggy ruts right now. Nothing is striking me as blog-worthy.

Oh, except the other day when I dropped my kids off at school. My kids are in middle school. Right next to the middle school is the high school. As I drove by the high school, I swear to God I saw Paris Hilton. I swear. She had the same blonde hair, big sunglasses, some flowy babydoll dress thing on, and (this is the clincher) metallic gold heels. They might have been stilettos. METALLIC GOLD. For a day at high school.


5 Responses to “I’m not dead”

  1. 1 teri

    maybe they’re filming their show there?

  2. 2 teri

    the “Simple Life”, yeah, that’s it.

  3. 3 Nobody™

    I shit you not, I saw Paris Hilton in the East Undershirt Wal-Mart. She is such a skank.

    I’m glad you are not dead, I was worried that I had missed your funeral.

  4. 4 Scarlet

    Paris? High school? Education?


    Unless she was there to “pep” the football team. eeewwwwww!

  5. 5 Grant Miller

    That’s hot.

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