Through Chris I learned that Echo has suggested that March 9th should be “Vagina Day”, because of this story, which truly is quite ridiculous.

However, I’m late to the whole Vagina Day thing… sorry. But, I thought I should tell my little story about the word vagina anyway.

I was in 7th grade. I was in the nurses office, and I don’t remember why exactly. I was the only one in there, though. I sat there in the quiet room, looking around at posters telling me to eat my vegetables and not to smoke or do drugs. While I was there a fight broke out in the cafeteria amongst some 6th graders (I’m not sure if that’s how ‘amongst’ is used, but whatever). A 6th grade girl came into the nurses office, with the nurse and some of her friends to help her. I’m not sure if she was involved in the fight or was just injured as an innocent bystander, but she was somehow hit in her pubic region.

Her friends helped her sit down and began explaining to the nurse what happened while she cried and sobbed and rubbed her pubic region whining about how her “pussy” hurt.

All I could think was “Is she allowed to say that? Pussy is a bad word, right? Shouldn’t she say “vagina” because that is the proper word?? Or ‘down there’ or something? Pussy is a bad word”. I wondered if she would get in trouble, even though she was hurt.

I also remember feeling kinda sad for her, that for whatever reason she didn’t know the correct terminology. I was embarrassed hearing the word “pussy” over and over… embarrassed for her and for me, and for the nurse.

So, I would encourage students to use the word “Vagina”. It’s just the right thing to say. “Pussy” only works in porno’s, and as an alternate word for whimp. “Down there” just makes you sound prude.

Say it loud, say it proud! VAGINA!!!


4 Responses to “Vagina”

  1. 1 Teigan

    The administrators deserve a hard, swift kick in the buttocks.

    But I suppose I should say bottom or tushy or heiny instead of buttocks.

  2. 2 Scarlet

    lol. Definately a wierd choice of word at the time! I am not fond of the Pussy word at anytime (in regards to area of body). I’m not a snob but it does seem….a wrong choice of terminolgy. No matter how it is said, it sounds not at all romantic, sexy or inspiring.

    Am i the only guy to think that?

  3. 3 Sans Pantaloons

    I concur with Amy and Scarlet.
    Having been assaulted by various knees in the groin over the years, I can only speak for myself, but I believe it is equally as painful for women.

  4. 4 Jamila Akil

    I’m not fond of the p-word either unless it’s being used to make a point. “Vagina” sounds so much more intelligent.

    It’s a shame that a girl would be more comfortable calling her pudenda by a slang word rather than the official one.

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