TV Guide…


When I was growing up, we always bought the TV Guide. It was colorful, and useful for finding out what shows were on what channels at what time. There was a fun crossword puzzle in the back. I always liked it best when cartoons were on the front, or my latest TV crush (such as Scott Baio).

Every weekend I would go over to my grandparents house to spend the night. Grandma had the TV Guide mailed to her, and she always saved the old ones for me to draw in.

I loved drawing in the TV Guide. LOVED it. I would pick out the close-up pictures of pretty actresses, and black out their teeth and give them mustaches and beards. Maybe glasses. Possibly stitches or band-aids. I would do this to the men, too. Sometimes the men would get long eyelashes and bows in their hair. Why was I so obsessed with gender bending???

I also went through a phase where everyone with a bare neck had to get vampire bite marks.

I remember there was always a picture of a bunny silhouette for Easter Seals, and I thought it was going to be an Easter cartoon. But it wasn’t a cartoon, it was a telethon, and that pissed me off.

Speaking of the TV Guide… I really miss the Fall Preview. A huge issue jam-packed with a little taste of all the new shows. I was mostly interested in new cartoons. I don’t know if TV Guide still has a Fall Preview issue, since shows just seem to premiere whenever the hell they feel like it anymore. Pictured is the Fall Preview issue from 1983. I recognize After MASH and Hotel, but I’m clueless what the orangutan show was.

6 Responses to “TV Guide…”

  1. 1 Writeprocrastinator

    My guess is that the Orangutan was from “BJ and The Bear.” But I remembered wrong, as the “bear” was actually a chimp.

    And the IMDB doesn’t offer a clue, even with the keyword “orangutan.”

  2. 2 Mr. Fabulous

    Scott Baio is soooo dreamy!

  3. 3 snowywoodz

    TV Guide was always laying around. We had one every week. GREAT time capsules. I still remember the one we had about Sonny and Cher splitting up.

  4. 4 Nobody™

    You’ve been tagged.

  5. 5 Grant Miller

    I covered a portion of my closet walls with TV Guides just because I thought it looked cool. I was mistaken.

  6. 6 Chris

    There is a great deal of satifaction that comes with drawing mustaches on female celebrities and blacking out their teeth. I’ve been guilty of it many times.

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