Oh my….


Thanks to Pop Candy, I found YuppiePunk, who has a list of TV theme songs sung by cast members. It includes Joanie Loves Chachi (even though Joanie is a bitch. I could’ve sang that song better than her, and meant it).

So, go there to check out the list and listen to mp3’s of all the songs.

Here’s the Amy Joanie Loves Chachi theme from the site.

YuppiePunk is also where I found the HOTT picture, which you are welcome to click on for a larger view. You know, if you want to print it and hang it on your bedroom wall or something.


8 Responses to “Oh my….”

  1. 1 The Boob Lady

    I’d rather go with “Charles in Charge” if we’re going with Scott Baio.


  2. 2 Chris

    Joanie. What a bitch.

  3. 3 Dave Evanns

    Come on Amy, you are killin me with all the Scott Baio shit!

    But he does fill in those tight shorts rather nicely huh? Wait, I mean….he…uh… fuck!

  4. 4 Amy

    You’re welcome, Dave.

  5. 5 Dick Small

    Man, didn’t ANYone like Joanie? BTW, Amy, I printed it and right now it’s pinned to my ceiling. Over my bed. Right next to my Willie Ames poster. I suppose I won’t get much sleep toNIGHT…

  6. 6 Grant Miller

    What about the bedroom ceiling?

  7. 7 Frank Sirmarco

    I was listening to Howard Stern one time, and some porn actress said Scott Baio was hung like a horse.

  8. 8 Dick Small

    OH, so THAT’s why Amy’s plastering Scott Baio all over her blog right now (probably just like the inside of her locker in junior high….).

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