Everybody’s doin’ it…


I’m just a sheep.

Here are search terms that led people to my happy little blog.

1. cutie mish (huh?)
2. hobbie ideas
(my blog is loaded with great hobbie ideas)
3. pass the duchie lyrics
4. how the hell did i get here lyrics
5. charlie brown kwanzaa lyrics (seriously? I didn’t know Charlie Brown celebrated Kwanzaa)
6. first time cat owners
7. how did i get here lyrics
8. i miss my grandpa
9. first time cat owner
10. how the hell did i get here do not leave me dancing alone
11. bobby goldsboro it’s too late songfacts (who in the hell is Bobby Goldsboro?)
12. how did we get here how the hell lyrics
13. its a pugs life lyrics
14. salem courhouse (sometimes you have an easier time finding things if you spell them correctly… but thanks for visiting my blog)
15. losing a grandma
16. “grandma movies”

17. graffiti myspace dds
18. graffiti dds myspace
19. mish mash
20. my dirty hobbie (wouldn’t you like to know what that is)


3 Responses to “Everybody’s doin’ it…”

  1. 1 dirty

    #20…do tell!

  2. 2 Flannery Alden

    If it weren’t for misspelled search terms, I’d have half as many hits as I do. Bless their pointy little heads.

  3. 3 Dick Small

    Actually I found you on a search when I entered, just off the top of my head: “uneffnbelievable”. I kid you not.

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