An Important Mish Mash Opinion … Chocolate Cereals


“I demand that you turn my milk chocolaty!” I heard my son, Mike, exclaim to his Cocoa Puffs this morning.

It got me thinking… there are basically 4 chocolaty cereals available. Cocoa Puffs, Cocoa Krispies, Cocoa Pebbles, and Count Chocula.

Of these 4, only 2 really turn your milk chocolaty… Cocoa Krispies and Cocoa Pebbles, which are very similar cereals.

Count Chocula is great, because I love the marshmallows, but just like most marshmallow cereals, the actual cereal bits suck.

Cocoa Puffs look like rabbit turds and really don’t taste that great to me.

Cocoa Pebbles are good, but they aren’t as puffy as Cocoa Krispies.

If you can eat them fast enough, Cocoa Krispies are the number 1 chocolaty cereal, in my opinion. Crispy, chocolaty milk, and of course the “snap krackle pop“!!


8 Responses to “An Important Mish Mash Opinion … Chocolate Cereals”

  1. 1 Valerie

    This is why I prefer Chocolate Fudge pop-tarts over any of those chocolate cereals.

  2. 2 Sports Princess

    Oh I totally prefer the Pebbles – they aren’t as puffy but they stay cripsier longer & make the bestest chocolate milk!

  3. 3 SushiBoy

    I was a slow eater as a kid. The rice crispies were always soup by the time I finished.

  4. 4 Emily Snipes

    YUM-O Cocoa Krispies rick! Found you through Mrs. Chicky’s site. Thanks for letting me visit.

  5. 5 Nobody™

    I like coco-roos. They are the generic version that comes in a big ziplock bag. Good stuff.

  6. 6 Sans Pantaloons

    I tried to mix cocoa in with my porridge one morning. It was a complete disaster.

  7. 7 Jen

    Cocoa Krispies are the number 1 chocolaty cereal, in my opinion too

    only because
    I never tried the other kinds

    I know..
    it’s unbelievable

  8. 8 Frank Sirmarco

    I just pour chocolate milk in to my cereal. That way, you always have chocolatey goodness close at hand.

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