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A fresh jar of peanut butter. I like how smooth and perfect and flat it is on top, all untouched and just begging for me to dig the butter knife into it. “Make a design!” it calls to me…. “make a heart, or a smiley face!” It’s like a calm lake, no ripples or anything, […]

Oh…. MY God.


I was at Kinko’s today, because I had to make some copies and send a fax. It isn’t the Kinko’s I normally go to, but it was on my way to some other places I needed to go. So, I do what I went there to do, and I start walking to the counters to […]

Oh Bogey You’re so cute For you I would spend Lots of loot When you look at me You cast a spell But I really wish Your poop didn’t smell *(or that you would at least consider not pulling the charcoal filters out of your litterbox top)

The city bus…


Valerie wrote about a time she took public transportation. Let me interrupt and say that I think Valerie and I may be the same person in different dimensions, or have some kind of spiritual connection, because almost all of her posts remind me of something that I need to blog about. Anyway… let me tell […]

1. Having a liscense plate frame that says “I’m not speeding, I’m qualifying” doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole (maybe I’m wrong about this). 2. Political figures like Dennis Kucinich, Tommy Thompson and Bill Richardson should NOT be on the “cool new people” page of MySpace (and I don’t even care enough […]



As you can see, Bogey really feels insecure here at our house. The internet is back up and running… but I don’t really have anything to post about at the moment. Check with me tomorrow. I’m sure you can just deal with a picture of Bogey in the mean time.

Where does Amy go when the internet isn’t working at her house? The library. And, I just thought I’d describe the other library patrons who are using the library computers to you. There’s a guy with a bleached out NY Yankees cap, hasn’t shaved for a couple of days… He’s across from me, so I […]



When I was a little girl, I assigned the letters and numbers genders. I’m not sure why I did this… I can’t remember if it was before or after kindergarten. In kindergarten I remember watching a show called “The Letter People”, which had puppets that were letters, so that could be why, because the show […]

…so I’ll just tell you. Have you had lunch already? I dissected a squid! My kids’ school had an Open House, so we went. In Shane’s science classroom his teacher had everything set up for people to do this. Shane told me about it before hand. “… and the parents will be able to dissect […]

That is what Teri asked. Right now Bogey is sleeping soundly in his little bed thingy. He seems to be outgrowing it, but since his other favorite place (the chair I am sitting in right now) is occupied by my ass, that is where he prefers to snooze. Sometimes he likes to try to fight […]