Spirit Week


This week is Spirit Week at my kids’ school. You remember Spirit Week, don’t you? Each day was something different… we usually had Spirit Day, where you had to wear school colors (ok, you didn’t have to wear school colors. I mean, they weren’t going to expel you, or torture you or something if you didn’t), or Crazy Hair Day, or Mismatched Clothes Day, or, my favorite, Slap Your Friend Day.

Well, today is 80’s Day for my kids.

Mike decided to wear a bandana and his Iron Maiden T-shirt. He doesn’t look much different than any normal day.

Shane wanted to go with the Flock of Seagulls hair, which we tried… but his hair is too long to really pull it off. So he took another quick shower and we just kinda tried to feather it. He’s also wearing a day-glo green shirt and his checkered Vans.

The problem with 80’s Day is that so much of 80’s stuff is in style anyway. And… short of getting a mullet or something, there’s not much you can really do with a guy’s hair.

About a year ago some of my girlfriends and I dressed up in 80’s stuff and went to a bar that played 80’s music. We were the only ones dressed up, but it was a blast.

Anyway, some other day this week is Crazy Hair Day, so we’ll see what happens then…


2 Responses to “Spirit Week”

  1. 1 dirty

    My husband says I look 80’s every day.

    I vote for a mohawk on crazy hair day…that hair glue stuff is amazing. I mohawk-ed my daughter’s hair with it when her hair was down to her butt long (before putting it in a tight bun for a ballet review).

  2. 2 Jen

    I hated spirit week

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