Crazy Hair Day…

Today for Spirit Week is Crazy Hair day. Shane wanted his hair standing straight up, but we didn’t really have time to make that happen. So, here is the result:

Mike was too much of a wuss to do anything to his hair. I tried to convince him to do the Sanjaya ‘do, but he didn’t find this idea as amusing as I did.

However, so he doesn’t feel left out, here is a picture of Mike, and the way he chose to entertain himself on Friday last. I swear he did this to himself…

And, why not throw some Crazy Bogey into the mix…

…just to finish things up nice and neat.


6 Responses to “Crazy Hair Day…”

  1. 1 Valerie

    His hair reminds me of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore…I hope that doesn’t sound weird.

    But his hair looks awesome!

  2. 2 dave evanns

    I thought the same thing! Is that really all his hair! DAMN!

  3. 3 Blogarita

    I heart Bogey!

  4. 4 Amy

    That is indeed all of his hair. I guess that picture does make it look like the crown of thorns.

    Bogey hearts you too, Blogarita 🙂

  5. 5 Grant Miller

    I think this looks like a child endangerment case.

  6. 6 Writeprocrastinator

    Bogey: Of all the couches, in all the living rooms, in all the world, she had to walk into mine.

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