If anyone was wondering…


The George Foreman countertop grill is very good at grilling thumbs as well as various other meats and probably some vegetables.

I just thought you should know.


12 Responses to “If anyone was wondering…”

  1. 1 SushiBoy

    Do you find that your thumb has less fat after it was grilled on a foreman grill?

  2. 2 Amy

    Less fat AND less fingerprints!

  3. 3 Nobody™

    I knew that. Mrs Nobody always burns herself when cooking.

  4. 4 Tanya Espanya

    Like Michael Scott from The Office cooked his foot!

    And didn’t George Foreman name five of his 10 kids George?

  5. 5 The Boob Lady

    Do you like the smell of freshly cooked bacon when you wake up in the morning??

  6. 6 Sans Pantaloons

    Hmmmmm, grilled thumb..Yum..

    Can I have fries with that?

  7. 7 Jen

    I was gonna say the
    “Michael Scott from The Office cooked his foot!” line

    Tanya beat me to it!!

  8. 8 Frank Sirmarco

    I’m using a George Foreman grill for the first time tonight. I’m assuming that I should avoid putting my thumbs in there?

    I’m also guessing I should avoid stepping on it when I get out of bed tomorrow morning?

  9. 9 Amy

    Perhaps it should touch on this subject in the manual.

    Here’s your sign….

  10. 10 Tanya Espanya

    Jen, I only beat you to the line because that episode was on last week, and we were watching it last night, catching up on all the pvr’d crap.

    Amy should have grilled her thumb last week.

  11. 11 Lady Rose

    That sounds painful! But does your thumb taste better now that it’s grilled perhaps with a bit of bbq sauce 🙂

  12. 12 Amy

    Sorry Tanya and Jen… I’m an inconvenient thumb burner.

    No Lady Rose… it doesn’t taste better. Just kinda charred.

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