At the library…


Where does Amy go when the internet isn’t working at her house? The library.

And, I just thought I’d describe the other library patrons who are using the library computers to you.

There’s a guy with a bleached out NY Yankees cap, hasn’t shaved for a couple of days… He’s across from me, so I don’t know what he’s looking at. Maybe his internet is out, too. Or maybe he doesn’t own a computer. Or, maybe he’s a pedophile.

The girl directly across from me looks like a hippy, and is vigorously typing away.

Her friend next to her has eye-glasses on her face, and sunglasses on top of her head. She is smiling as she texts someone, and now she is giggling and whispering to her typing, hippy friend.

The lady directly to my right has come to the library for something very important… something no one can live without. MySpace.

Now, I will go browse the books and make the copies I need to make, and go back to my internetless home. I’m sure it will be up and running soon, and then I can go back to my regular, shocking, stunning, amazing types of posts that I normally do.

Just try to tell me this wasn’t the most interesting post you’ve read all day.

3 Responses to “At the library…”

  1. Pretty much.

  2. No home Internet access??? What ring of Hades is that one, Dante?

    It was very interesting, though I’d change my passwords as I have read that libraries are rife with people and viruses looking for info and passwords.

  3. I think I would die without the internet…well maybe not DIE but it would be hard.

    I think I should start going to the library for people watching…seems like fun.

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