Oh…. MY God.


I was at Kinko’s today, because I had to make some copies and send a fax. It isn’t the Kinko’s I normally go to, but it was on my way to some other places I needed to go.

So, I do what I went there to do, and I start walking to the counters to pay for my fax.

Theres a man working, walking around the area with the copiers and fax machines. He’s older than me, maybe old enough to be my dad, at least old enough to be my much, much older brother. One of his eyes looks a little lazy. He looked generally creepy.

“Do you need to pay for a fax?” he asks me.

“Yes.” I say, handing him my transaction slip.

Kinko’s charges a dollar per page that you fax, minus the cover sheet. I also had several copies that I made, but I already paid for them at the machine.

“You only faxed 2 pages, plus the cover sheet?” he asks, as he looks at my much larger stack of paper.

“Yes.” I’m sure that’s what it says on the slip I gave you, moron.

I pulled out 3 dollar bills, because I couldn’t remember if there was tax, although now that I think about it it makes absolutely no sense that they would charge tax for a fax, but whatever.

3 pages total, 2 pages plus the cover sheet?” he asked again.

“Yes.” I said, showing him what I actually faxed. I think he finally believed me this time.

“Well, I’ll just charge you for 2 pages, and you can put that other dollar in your hot little pocket.” Ew.

Just charge me for 2 pages? Like you’re doing me some kind of favor?

And “hot little pocket”???? Seriously? Ew.


12 Responses to “Oh…. MY God.”

  1. How did your pockets get so hot?

  2. Wow, he sounds like my 8th grade shop teacher. There’s nothing like being verbally molested by an old perv. Gag.

  3. HAHA! He totally loved you. 🙂

  4. Ooh, baby! Love connection!

    All day long now I will be singing to myself “Tax for a fax…Tax for a fax…Why oh why was there tax for a fax?”

    Thank you for that.

  5. You got the “nice face discount!”

    I’d be happy about it.

    Free stuff is free stuff.

  6. Maybe he was hungry and was thinking about a hot pizza pocket?

  7. 7 Amy

    Grant- it’s my secret.

    Jolene- yes… gag.

    Boob Lady- I guess you’re used to this kind of stuff

    Fab- You’re welcome

    Valerie- but, that’s how much it would have cost anyway… he didn’t give me anything free, but he acted like he was, like I was stupid and didn’t know.

    Tanya- that is probably the best explaination.

  8. News Today. An associate at a local Kinko’s found murdered and stuffed into an oversized jiffy bag under the counter.
    Police are searching for a creepy looking older man with a lazy eye, last seen taking money from bona fide customers.

    Police think the man is Robbie McKnob, a well known proponent of the hot pocket technique of self gratification.
    Police believe he has one arm longer than the other.

  9. 9 amy

    No way, Sans! I think that’s the guy!


  10. 10 Mel

    I will never eat another hot pocket again 🙂 Now I have that commercial’s song in my head ack!!!

  11. Boy do I wish I was single again…seems like there are is a lot of hot tail I’m missing out on…damn.

  12. 12 Dave Evanns

    Lazy eyed Kinko employees are HOT!

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