Things that make me blissfully happy…


A fresh jar of peanut butter. I like how smooth and perfect and flat it is on top, all untouched and just begging for me to dig the butter knife into it. “Make a design!” it calls to me…. “make a heart, or a smiley face!” It’s like a calm lake, no ripples or anything, just like glass or a mirror.. only it’s not shiny and reflective or full of fish and algae, and I wouldn’t be able to create ripples, or skip a rock across it, only dig the butter knife and make a design, and then spread it on my toast.

You don’t get the same satisfaction from a freshly opened tub of margerine, or jar of, well, anything else really. The margerine has a little curly Q thingy on top, so it’s not perfect and flat.

Freshly fallen snow comes in a close second… making the first footsteps, like you’re Neil Armstrong, or whoever the first guy to step on the moon was that I’m too lazy to look up (John Glenn maybe?).

I guess I just like to see perfect things and mess them up.

Wow… that explains a lot.


11 Responses to “Things that make me blissfully happy…”

  1. Amy you are simply beautiful. (o:

  2. That’s kinda odd.

  3. 3 amy

    Awww… you’re beautiful too, Dick!

    Awww… you’re odd too, Nobody!

  4. Wow…I think the same thing. I love peanut butter. Mmm…

  5. 5 coffeypot

    I’m beautiful, too, in a wrinkly, old man sort of way. One of my favorite things in the first smell of a newly opened can or jar of coffee. Another is sitting on a river bank watching the water go by. That’s unusual for me as I have no patience for anything. I have a tee shirt that has a buzzard sitting on a cactus limb, and the caption says, “Patience my ass, I’m going to kill something.” That’s me.

  6. 6 Fred

    Fotos of your boobs would make me blissfully happy. Post them.

  7. I’m the same way with a freshly vacuumed room. Try it sometime.

  8. 8 Amy

    Um… Welcome Fred. I’m glad you came by my blog! I hope you enjoy it here. Unfortunately I don’t post photos of my boobs, sorry to disappoint you. You’ll find plenty of pictures of my cat, though.

  9. I love the cat offered instead of boob shot… he will protect you! Boogey to the rescue!

    & Fred – Big ‘thumbs down’ to you for being today’s Tool.

  10. I love that fresh peanut butter top too. I always squiggle my knife through it. Ahh.. 🙂

  11. I shouldn’t admit this, but sometimes I lick it. A deep thrusting meaningful lick, gathering up a huge curl of peanut goodness with my tongue.

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