My Mothers Day was FABULOUS!


I started the day by talking to MY mommy. She’s really far away in Wisconsin. She sounded in good spirits, which made me very glad. This has got to be tough for her, because this time last year my grandmother died. In fact, last Mothers Day was the last time I spoke with Grandma… she passed a week later. But… anyway… mom sounded chipper enough, and was going to spend the day with my aunt and a bunch of family.

My own little family and I decided to go for a hike on this beautiful day here in California. So, I made up a list of things to buy for a picnic, and headed off on my merry little way to the grocery store. My shopping was done swiftly, and I found all of the items I needed with no problem. The cashier was very friendly, and made nice conversation with me, telling me that her granddaughters name is also Amy, and that it is a good, old-fashioned name.

I take my cart out to my car, place the bags in the trunk, and notice my left-rear tire is kinda flat. Fabulous.

The gas station is right across the street, so I drive over there to the air giver-outer-thingy (I’m sure it has a real name… you know what I’m talking about), and it’s even flatter now. So, I call Alex to come rescue me.

Alex comes and we fill the tire with air, but it’s definitely got a leak. A leak caused by a GIGANTIC piece of…shrapnel.. or something. It was a big honkin’ sharp piece of metal, perhaps the work of vandals. Apparently my tire was leaking all the way to the grocery store (not very far) because when we got home I noticed interesting tire marks on the driveway and in the road.

So, my hero Alex changes my tire, repairs the damaged one, and we head home. No hike for us today! Oh well…

Hope everyone else had a much nicer Mother’s Day! At least I got to spend mine with my heroic boyfriend and my brats wonderful children 🙂


4 Responses to “My Mothers Day was FABULOUS!”

  1. 1 Grant Miller, Esq.

    My mother’s day was great, too! Thanks for asking!

  2. So glad you had a nice mothers day! Shrapnel in a tire is NEVER good. 🙂

  3. I wonder if you’ll ever find out who did that. I hope so.

  4. 4 dirty

    A flat tire is a scary thing that you always need a hero for.

    My Mother’s day was spent outside…I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

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