Things I never said before I had a cat..



1. No Bogey, cats don’t go in the dryer.

2. No Bogey, cats don’t do the dishes.

3. No Bogey, cats don’t know how to type.

4. No Bogey, there’s nothing in that drawer for cats.


5. Hello Bogey, yes… I know you’re there now… you can stop scratching my butt.

6. No Bogey, cats don’t need a whole roll of toilet paper.

7. Oh my God you’re such a good kitty… yes you are… yes you are… you’re my baby kitty, huh?


12 Responses to “Things I never said before I had a cat..”

  1. 1 dirty

    Pets are so awesome!

  2. 2 Chris


  3. 3 Jen

    life is better
    with a kitty cat

  4. He needs a dog to keep him company

  5. 5 Mel

    I bet bogie loves the baby talk…yes! I bet he does, cute kitty witty!

  6. 6 mixednut42

    I’ve been thinking about getting Mr. P a playmate.
    A nice monitor lizard would be perfect!

  7. 7 teri

    the names I call my cats and the way I talk to them is a secret. It’s embarrasing if anyone ever hears me. And luckily I have two to keep each other company.

  8. Bogey: “Things I never said before I had a human…

    Amy, make with the can opener.
    Amy, what part of “I want shrimp” don’t you understand?
    Amy, get off my couch.
    Amy, get off my chair.
    Amy, why are you brushing my hair off of that sweater? It took me all day to get it just right.

  9. 10 amy

    Thanks guys!

    Teri- I left out my confessions of true love and stuff…

    WP- I’m sure that’s EXACTLY what he’s thinking

  10. You’re lucky that I’m allergic to cats and that I live in New York state, or I might just steal your cat. (o:

  11. 12 Amy

    No way, Dick. He’s got a security system in his collar. It’s really high tech.

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