I’m sorry…



I’ve been a horrible blogger lately. I’ve been working, and trying to work out, so those things are taking up the precious time I spent sitting on my ass in front of the computer blogging.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much, or commented much. I visit your blogs all the time, but my brain can’t come up with anything witty to comment, and my fingers often don’t really feel much like typing. I don’t blame you all if you throw rocks at me… I deserve it.

But, now I give you the post about my camping trip!!! Does that redeem me? Am I redeemed? Am I even using “redeem” the right way? How much do I care?



The weekend started with me rushing frantically after work to finish packing and maybe get on the road before the rest of the Memorial Day weekend campers. I finally finished, and was out the door. I was starving, so I stopped at Taco Bell because they have those delicious Crunchwrap Supreme things that are all grilled and “good to go”. Bullshit. I had diced tomatoes all over my shirt.

I’d never been to this campground before, so the drive and scenery were new to me. I saw nothing particularly spectacular until I got closer to the campground… a herd of buffalo! Neato. After that the scenery actually changed and it was a very pretty and quiet drive the rest of the way.

Once I found our camping spot, I settled in and we grilled up some turkey burgers for dinner. YUM! After that we built a small fire and sat around and talked, played truth or drink (like truth or dare), etc. A nearby campsite had a fantastic idea… they put a big ol’ wine jug full of gasoline in the middle of their campfire. It made a huge, mushroom cloudy thing. I could feel the heat from it. They were dumb.

Time to turn in on Friday night. I get all snuggled into my sleeping bag, and some asshole starts yelling at his girlfriend, Mallory. Calling her names I cannot repeat because I might go to hell (like that isn’t already happening). The poor children at other campsites no longer have virgin ears. Anyway, Mallory’s boyfriend finally calmed down, but some other campers thought it would be hilarious to recreate his drama at 4 in the morning.

Saturday morning we woke up for a yummy breakfast with hashbrowns, bacon and eggs. My girlfriend Tammy is an excellent cook! After breakfast a couple of the girls went to a nearby store for some more ice, and Tammy and I went hunting for firewood. We drove down a sideroad and stopped whenever we saw some wood. We did good, although we did end up bringing back an ENORMOUS spider, which caused all of us silly girls to squeal and cringe. We named him Walter. I imagine he is terrorizing someone else right now. Anyway, when Tammy and I returned the Sheriff was there arresting Mallory’s boyfriend.

After we unloaded the firewood and drenched ourselves in sunscreen, we grabbed our floaties and some beer and headed to the lake. Lazily floating in the sun…. ahhhh. It was GREAT! Then lunch, then more floating, then back for dinner. I cooked up some beer brats for me and another friend (Gurminder), but everyone else had steak. Again… delicious.

Then it was time to gather ’round the fire again. FOR S’MORES. Tammy makes the bestest s’mores EVER. She places the chocolate between the graham crackers, then puts that in some tongs and puts that over the fire at the same time as the marshmallow. The result is a perfectly toasted marshmallow, and the chocolate is a little melty already. It was ooey and gooey and magnificent. MAGNIFICENT.

This time no one was stupid, loud idiots when it was time for sleep. And Sunday was mostly packing and leaving.

It was a GREAT time, and I can’t wait to go again!!!!


11 Responses to “I’m sorry…”

  1. 1 Mel

    OK I guess I’ll forgive you but can I throw one rock?? 🙂

    I dont like to go camping but it sounds like a great time (except for walter eeeek!!)

  2. 2 Marni

    I’m not much into camping, but I’d go with you guys!

  3. 3 Jen

    a new bogey pic
    might smooth things over

    just sayin’

  4. 4 teri

    Amy, life is important. Go live it and stop worrying about the blog world.

    I glad you had a great time. Camping is fun when there isn’t jackasses around to spoil the fun.

  5. You make camping sound good. I only camp when I’m drunk.

  6. Mmmm…s’mores…yummee.

  7. I’m so glad you had a fun ladies escape! Where did you head up to? I’m dying to see some local buffalo don’t cha know!

  8. 8 Chris

    Sounds excellent! Don’t worry about being a bad blogger. I don’t think I can throw a rock that far anyway.

  9. 9 mixednut42

    I love camping as well. Everything tastes twice as good outdoors.

  10. No need for apologies, Amy! We love you no matter what!

  11. OH, and I would have loved to see them arresting Mallory’s boyfriend. She deserves better.

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