Bad things I did as a child


The very first “bad” thing that I can remember doing is lying. What did I lie about? Well, mostly it was about wetting my pants. I wet my pants on a daily basis when I was very young. I’m sure most of it could be chalked up to laziness, or just not wanting to interrupt whatever exciting thing I was doing at the moment to go to the bathroom (how inconvenient), but it was also discovered that I had something wrong with my kidneys (which fixed itself eventually).

Anyway, this particular lie that I am going to tell you about does indeed involve wetting my pants.

I was quite young… probably about 4 years old. I remember my mom and I at my grandparents house in Colorado. We didn’t live in Colorado yet, so we were just visiting… I think this is actually when we lived in Ohio. My grandma hugged me or something and realized I had wet pants. Here is how the conversation went:

Grandma- “Did you wet your pants?”

Me- “No.”

Grandma- “Then how did your pants get wet?”

Me- “My other grandma in Ohio lives near a lake, and I jumped in it and that’s how they got wet.”

I really don’t remember anything after that.


12 Responses to “Bad things I did as a child”

  1. 1 superwoman

    BWAHHHH Haaaaa! that is funny

  2. 2 dirty

    That is classic. I can’t remember the first bad thing I ever did…I was a really bad kid but whatever.

  3. “I was quite young… probably about 4 years old.”

    Then when you’re ninety-four, you can claim senility and do it all over again.

  4. I was blamed crap like that on “Nobody”

  5. I once peed in the gutter on my way home from kindergarten, then I got all embarassed and tried to blot it up with my jacket. I’m curious to know what my mom though when I brought home the pee soaked (and dirty) jacket.

  6. Oh, BTW, Nice template. I like it.

  7. 7 cheryl

    When I was about 5, I wrote my 1 year old sister’s name on the wall underneath the kitchen table (with a black marks-a-lot). I made sure to write the “S” backwards, so it would be more believable. I was in so much trouble.
    Hi Amy!!

  8. OMG! Cheryl’s story reminds me of something that my lil sis Jodie did (of course mot I, cuz I was a darling angelic princess from the get go-Ha!) But when Jodie was about 5-6 she CARVED my name into our mother’s branspankinew redwood picnic table. The best part is that her lil kindergarten friend & I had similar names but spelled completely differently & she spelled it her way! Her biggest mistake of course was the whopper that came out of her percious lil mouth when she said I did it… I wasn’t even there & I had the bestest alibi – G-Ma!

  9. 9 amy

    Superwoman- Thanks! And I’ve noticed you around my blog more… welcome 🙂

    Dirty- I can only imagine the trouble you got into.

    WP- that is my plan.

    Nobody- that’s who I blame now…

    Sushiboy- Thanks! And, yeah… as a mom I know I would’ve wondered what was up with that. She didn’t say anything to you?

    Cheryl- oh yes… I have a story about blaming my brother for something. That will be another post!

    SP- grandmas are the greatest.

  10. I don’t quite remember what she said, I just remember peeing in the gutter, and then feeling this aweful sense of guilt so I tried to clean it up. That part is vivid, everything else if a little fuzzy.

  11. 11 Zed

    Haha! That was great!

    I would also lie that I hadn’t lied about something.

    Mom: Did you hit your sister?
    Me: No.
    Mom: Are you lying?
    Me. No. I’m not lying.
    Mom: If I find out that you are lying, I’m going to have to punish you…
    Me: I’m not lying, and I didn’t hit her Mom!

  12. I remember one of our roommates in college got really drunk one night and wet his pants while sleeping on our loveseat. So the next day, two of us ripped all of the upholstery off of the loveseat and took it out in the gravel driveway and burned it. He came staggering out the door and looked at us and asks, “What are you guys doing?” Our only response was, “Uh…burnin’.” He stood there for a second and then said, “Oh…cool,” and turned around and walked back in the house. No more was ever said about it. Of course we told everyone we knew that he peed his pants and everyone talked about it behind his back, but no one ever confronted him about it.

    I guess my point is, it’s easy to lie about something that makes people uncomfortable to talk about.

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